Thursday, December 23, 2004

haloo today got nothin to do i jus went to hihs not bad la the sch...the good thing is i'm in the same class as kunzi and zuo ying =) and the bad news is im in the same class as eugene and THE FUKIN NIGEL LO haiz soooo bad the moment i see in the same class as him my eyes almost drop out....i was sooooo shocked! hahahaz heck him larz i dun gif a damn whether he existed anot lol den lata i came home and ate my lunch and went to office den me and my cousin went to parkway mall or parade or wadeva shit. den I go into the op shop den the boardshorts so cheap O.O but my cousin said it was too expensive... stingy =\ den lata i saw a veri nice all stars shoe which is under err...converse so cheap lehz! onli $29.90. den i went to mango and bought 2 spaghetti stripes each for $9 cuz got 50% discount okiess thats all for now my bro buggin me off le hahahahaz =)

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