Tuesday, November 30, 2004

aRlowz...yesterday nvr update =PpP too tired laz...i went out at 2+ den meet with pam go orchard....den we go to plaza sing the mac and eat... yummy so delicious lol...den after tt we walk to heeren *WALAO WALK LIKE HELL EHZ!* pity when i reach dere i sms cheryl n she didn reply me >.> aye nvm....btw i at plaza bought 2 badges one with a pig face and its tounge sticking out sayin you jerk and the other one is you look like shit! is that in style now? lol i realli like the pig one its soooo cute! and i went to other shops which sells cute stuff....oh btw when i was walkin towards precious moments at plaza the stupid me l*not melissa chiang* suddenly jump infront of me scare me to death sia -_- den its like long lost frens lor...blabla etc. sian nothin to say liaoz...byeeeeeeeeee

Sunday, November 28, 2004

OMG I TOTALLY FORGOT!!! TMR MY MUM'S BDAY ARGHhh!! damn...any way today after my music class i went to heartland mall * oki near heartland mall* to do some window shoppin *LoL* hmm...is this font in red nice? lol.. oki back to the heartland mall thingy... i saw cherry wif her mom sis n granma! i was wondering where's her dad lol since she's supposed to erm..look at the schs? oki now...nothin much to say haizZZzz oki taTazzz pls gif comments on my blog and the song! heard from gloria tat it's from shrek 2..i didn noe LoL tat fer now!

Friday, November 26, 2004

OkiE I jUst Change MaH SkiN!!!! anI COmMeNts On IT? LoLzZz Pls Stuff SomE CommENts InTO ME cHAttEr Box ThaNx!!! MuCh APPreCiaTeD ThX~~!
haiz now i'm bored to death i realli got nothing to do at all...any suggestions? i'm sick of playing the dumb isketch...nobody plays with me stress =( my cousins n my bro now slping... haiz... someone tell me wad to do! i'm realli damn bored....oki TaTa feR NoW!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

YaY! Finally i managed to get the comments box thingy up...pls tag my board before you leave! zZz im so bored now....haIz today morning play isketch with cheryl i lost terribly T_T need to improve on my english... PLUS i cant believe tt i'm going to HOLY HIGH! I should haf worked harder, ArGH! PlUS, NoW baTTleon is sooooo hard to get in! damn i hate the guardian thingy!!!!!! I bet i'm one of the lowest lvls in class now T_T

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

-psle results-

zZz just got back mah lan results... it SUCKS SO BADLY!!! i didn't expect to get so low but i managed to win my bro =p and noway am i posting my results here cuz you noe some ppl veri big mouth.. so if ya wanna noe come ask me! ^-^ TaTa