Wednesday, December 29, 2004

hmm today sure haf alot to update haaa yesterday i went to buy my sch books den i went to ap's bday party its soooooo fun! first when i reached there we went to eat mcdonalds den lata we went to chnge into swimmin costumes den we went swimming! den i managed to do a somersault *wadeva shit u spell it* in water! yayy den lata i went back with gloria den her mom nagg nagg nagg its my fault though =X den today ar...andrew bring his children here aged 2 n 5 ....the 5 yrs old one name is daryl i think liddat spell la den the other one...fogot his name liao but veri chim la....den lata we go to plaza sing to watch kung fu hustle....haha its veri violent at first but it gets funny in the end....sooo hilarious and stupid yupyup..den lata we go kopitiam to eat...i tell my cousin no fish ball noodle...den she go ask den she say got den i went to buy den &@*#%&*@$R@&#^@()$%#@^#@#%@$%@&*($ the f************ person gimme mee pok TELL HER DUN HAF LIAO! talking cock today's my unlucky day...den i came home den i went to look at my chair cuz i left it outside to let it dry den i wan wondering why was there water on the seat...den i saw cat's paws all over the chair den i started swearing and i PROMISE that i will kick the cat in the butt SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly den i haf to wash it all over again and i had to put almost a cup full of detergent....YUCK lucky there wasnt any shit or i'll slaughter the cat. den lata i went up to the thrid floor to sleep cuz i shared a bed with my cousin DEN i saw my broken braclet given by my aunt. i almost scream and get mad but i contorlled my temper...i knew i didnt touch it so it must be my cousin....i was mad at her... tat ARGH thats all bout my f****** unluck dAY!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

hmm today nothing much larz...i was soooo lazee to get outta bed that my parents had to go all the way to serangoon central to buy me mcdonalds =) haha thankew! =) and den lata i went for usual it was booooring den lata i came home blablabla...den lata go swimmin den haf yummy jap food =) then i came back and now im typing this. hahaha thats all folks

Saturday, December 25, 2004

harloo....hmm yesterday i went to harbourfront mall to shop with my cousin....there nothing much wan....den i went to the midnight chruch...i kept yawning non stop...=O den today ar...i went to my granma's house to haf lunch...den i recieved alot of presents =) the best was a crystal which my second uncle gave to me and he gave my parents a photo frame made of glass, it was veri veri veri heavy mayb bout 5kg? oki den i dun wanna type liaos =P byebye and PLS TAG MY BOARD!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

haloo today got nothin to do i jus went to hihs not bad la the sch...the good thing is i'm in the same class as kunzi and zuo ying =) and the bad news is im in the same class as eugene and THE FUKIN NIGEL LO haiz soooo bad the moment i see in the same class as him my eyes almost drop out....i was sooooo shocked! hahahaz heck him larz i dun gif a damn whether he existed anot lol den lata i came home and ate my lunch and went to office den me and my cousin went to parkway mall or parade or wadeva shit. den I go into the op shop den the boardshorts so cheap O.O but my cousin said it was too expensive... stingy =\ den lata i saw a veri nice all stars shoe which is under err...converse so cheap lehz! onli $29.90. den i went to mango and bought 2 spaghetti stripes each for $9 cuz got 50% discount okiess thats all for now my bro buggin me off le hahahahaz =)

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

haiz today nothin much happen...jus went to sch and collect results lor... i went to holy high...zZ i sure see until ai dong gua and anus nxt yr >.> oh well i'll find out tmr ! aiya today go see doctor bout my spine and neck...the doctor make my neck got sooooo mani sounds sia......o well thats all =

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

aRloo....umm if u ppl wanna knoe wad happen todae go to cher's bloggie...i too lazee to type lolz anyways i soooooo looooong nvr update due to my trip to malaysia....sooo mani things happened i'm jus one lazee piggy i'm reali toooo lazy to type hahahahaz if u wanna knoe wad happened well you can ask me =

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Heyo00 haiz me today update bout yesterday hoho =) mmm yesterday was filled with boredom surprises laughter and even shock! well i came to my parent's office and blabla nothing much den lata on me bro ma 3 cousinsz n my mom went to watch incredibles at lido... i didnt knoe it was soooo small! hahaz anyways my fave part was the baby became a devil... it was soooo hilarious haha den after that we took underpass to tangs and we saw olinda ! my mouth was like that =O i couldnt believe my eyes oh mann! and my bro suggested to take a pic with her and well i agreed hoho....well my pic will be up on my msn pic in no time! so keep checking back for updates yeah? byebye


Sunday, December 12, 2004

haizz sat nothing happen...jus go n help my parent's..booring day lahz den my uncle came to my house talk awhile den byebye! okii talk bout today... well nothing much jus slp til veri late...i sooo tired cuz my mom lemme sleep on a pillow as hard as rock O.O shit make me sleepless like hell...den today i skip chruch *yay* den i went to yamaha..poor yvonne get onto the wrong bus...lolz so she veri late den come den we do theory...hahaz teacher say i good =P mmmm den after that me n yvonne went to heartland mall den got ninja turtles show ...hahaz the guy with the purple tie *i forgot his name* he's soooooooo cute! hoho...den nothing much le den we go home...den jus now go heartland mall eat... blahz den aiya lazee to type~ okii nite to y'all!

Friday, December 10, 2004

aRloo! haiz today is filled with boring stuffs etc. etc. lalala first i went to play lan wanna knoe hu the best player? aiya of cuz me la hoho actually i'm after jackson -_- he come to the game den my team start losing like siao boo hoo blaz heck care den lata go play badminton aiyoo vic was the WORST player hohoho he realli suk in badminton sia.. shame shame den lata i got one on one with jackass well i was super surprised that i could hit almost every ball back yay! =D so yala...onli i miss those veri veri high ones..i drank 2 cans of drinks wah sia den i sooo full liaoz hahaz den we go to the nearby kopitiam to rest and eat den that jackass sooooo haolian go buy coffee drink ...that siao ta poh anyways, after that it's gonna rain soon den i dunno how to go home frm dere so i got no choice but to go to jackass house.. den go there watch those silly ppl play playstation or wadeva lar den i got supa bored and went to use the com denn i beg jackass's cousin to go to jackass's house but her mum dun allow =\ some kinda mum she is man... anyway later i go home den i sit LRT to go to sengkang wa sia go one part like riding roller coaster liddat lolz sooo fun den i liata go home den ya... btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAUFIK!!!
hahaz i today den update wad happen yesterday....pity didn get to go to lan wif yvonne n her bro and his fren...sooooo sorrie =( my dad came to pick us up and we went to office...oh well so work like hell den later go swimming ahahaha sooo fun i swim bout ten laps of cuz got rest la! den lata we go steam and sauna man i tell you i hardly sweat! anyways when we came out my dad was eating but we wanted to go hawker centre to eat so i help my dad to eat some den drink coconut * my fave drink now =P* sooo i veri full den they go hawker centre tah pao den go home eat den i went straight to bed haiz....i shall skip the remaining part cuz its veri embarrassing btw it concerns my bro not me =)

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

arlooo! haiz actually today nothing much... stay at home and play cards...den tmr going to play lan with yvonne, jason and desmond (6J) oki la tata

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

arloo! haiz today i so sianz sia early morning go to my parent's office den i go to chinatown. oh btw my cousin came early this morning bout 1+ den we go search for travel agents cuz we going to phuket *yay~* so we maybe going there again tmr * to the travel agent* to confirm la. den today go to OG shop walao veri sian sia they onli shop for undergarments and swimming costume >.<> hahaz got 8 la...jus now i type alot dunno why now gone...haiya lazy to type! anyway i going to heeren with my cousin tmr! byebye

Sunday, December 05, 2004

aRlowz to all stupid ppl out dere! *lol* haizz loooooooong time no update liaoz! hmm yesterday i was to indonasia pretty boring larz...we went to planet holiday *hotel la!* den i wanted to swim but sadly cannot =\ my cousin and my mum didn either =P anyways, we went to the near by market and i was sweating like a mad dog..oh man.. den later at night we went to eat seafood it was sooo delicious!den we went back to the hotel my dad went to cut his hair and my mum and aunt went to have some massage so me and my cousin stayed in the room watch tv and there was a singapore idol recap! well i watched it =) den after came the miss world and TADAAA it was peru! oki i wanted peru to win lolz den later we slept zZz omfg i tell you i couldn't slp one bit! my aunt snoring is so damn loud its worse den world war man!!!i tossed and turn in bed and i still can't slp =\ so ya i hardly slept for the whoooole night same for my parents and my cousin! haiz so i had to watch tv till my eyes get tired and i got abit of tired so i slept for AWHILE so the next morning, *the time is slower by one hr* we went to have buffet well as usual i ate cornflakes and beans and sausages and porridge and scrambled eggs and orange juice and watermelon*it's not nice!* and blahz that's it i tell you things ain't cheap there even though S$1=5000++rupee one day can use up to S$50....oki i think that's all tata fer now!!!


Thursday, December 02, 2004

HaiZ today go orchard veri boring =\ first go to heeren my cousin didn't like it AT ALL !! den we walk to taka to eat but i wasnt exactly in the mood to eat =\ shant tell u why *girl's stuff* den i bought a sleeveless tee *IT'S NICE!* and went to bossini having chistmas sale there! whoa i tell u its soooo cheap ^-^ hmmm damn i forgot wad i wanted to say cuz of my sneaky bro's fault =\ oki nite to y'all!


Wednesday, December 01, 2004

WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO taufik won! actually sly n taufik's okay BUT

THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!~ I LURVE U OLI!!!! * as an idol *
mornin to me! =) mmm zZz oki talk bout yesterday laz stuck at home nothin to do =X haizxx yesterday go to chinatown there and eat...i onli loved the fish! it was simply delicious haha actually yesterday nothin much...cut cake for me mom *belated bday cuz of my bro* haiz the cake's sooooooooo delicious onli me took a second serving =D~ den nothin much lo i jus feel so sleepy this morning i wonder why =\ i slept till 9am CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!??!?! 9!!!! i first time during the holidays sleep until so late hahaz okiii tts all folks TaTa! hoho