Sunday, July 30, 2006

thats when she realised it was love,
thats when she realised it was her thoughts that led her astray,
thats when she realised it was all too late,
thats when she realised her hatred for him starts to grow more and more each day,
she wants to stop it, but she cant.

she can feel death walking by her,
waiting to take her away whenever she's ready.
she's struggling with life,
after all this is her fate given by god.

there's just too much pain held inside her,
she wants to let go of everything and laugh for once,
but she struggling.
she's picking up the knife,
where it was last left more than a month ago.

12o5o6 ;;
the day stupidness overcame her.
and still counting the days.....
79 days, yet she cant forget.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

today was okay - i guess.
wnt to compass with meryl and tj to study. and obviously, i was late as usual. haha. anyway, today was a success! wheee. then mer and me bought a plate of spag each. her's tomato, mine chicken. to my extreme horror, hers was nicer than mine! i always though chicken sauce was thee best. ((: we studied till 4plus close to 5 (hard working right?!?!?!) then we went to the music shop, then popular, then HOME! hahas. and guess what!? I FINALLY UNDERSTOOD MACBETH, IM SOSOSOSO HAPPY! yay! cant wait to take lit next yr, although the book i read on macbeth was for small small kids. cause the adult literature was too, i mean TOOOO chim! (: but heck, i now understand the story, thanks to tj.

anway, back at home. speak about boring. i cant wait till the next study grp!

there he goes, im giving up.
thr's no use brooding over someone who's a nobody.
im much stronger emotinally than i look.

Friday, July 28, 2006

today was okay. i think.
maths lesson was as noisy as ever. but i had to pay attention! maths was the only thing that was pulling my grades down now. come to think of it, we shld have the test today, 3 tests on monday!
science was extremly disappointing! imagine getting 58 for test.. no, 56 cause of wrong ans. wth la! anywy, i din study much for this test -.- so i guess it was okay to get 56.

lit was as fun as ever, mr yeo's lesson is still the best! then maybe next comes mr sim's. i still miss mr maran's lesson. it was HILARIOUS. hopefully mr yeo teaches lit next yr. if nt i'll be going to mr maran's class! ((:

anyway, talk about shakesphere. according to tj, its hard to read and understnd. gaaah. hopefully we wont be doing that next yr. i think i'll have trouble reading and understanding the book, esp for literature!

zzz. anwy aft sch, we wanted to wait till 2.15 bffr leave the sch for god-knows-what reason. i forgot. so during the 45 mins, i was waiting to try on kenny's skates. out of everybody trying, i guess i was the worse. heh. ahh well. at least it wasnt as bad when i first tried roller blading. i though it was the same as ice skating; but i realised there weren't any brakes on the front! @#%#$^%*( almost fell down lah, but didnt.

we ( tj mer darren glynis ) left tgt to have lunch at hougang mall. aftr a looooooooooooooong i mean REALLY REALLY long decision, we decided to go to food court to eat. cause most of us were broke. and i wanted to save money. cause i got 10bucks today, haha (:
wnt hm wit tj, sat 147 hm (:

i just cant let you go -

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

i was in an extremly foul mood -
because of my splitting buttache (it happens everyday! and worse still, stading up to greet teachers! everytime i have to struggle to stand up!)
and some other reasons.
but i must say bowling did make me happier :DD
im not telling why cause i know ppl will start syaing im bhb - or whatever.

im updating mooooore!
anyway, during maths lesson, mr sim saw i was sitting down-
where everyone was standing up greeting him!
im sosososososo sorry, but the pain is just so....
so i have no choice if im sitting down greeting the teacher like that.
anyway, i just realised i've got some unwanted readers on my blog.
so most likely im gonna set up a password *hopefully* ,
and only give it to certain ppl.

i wanna scream out life's great,
but my insides feel not so great.
sam just stopped talking to me for god-knows-what reasons..
and whoops-a-daisy,
there goes my only, only son.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

there's another rumor in the class.
does 'calculative' rings a bell, sandy and camilalalalallalallalala?
oh well, ytd aft sch stayed back with tj and sandy and cam.
but tj had to go to drama!
anyways, we did henna! :DD
i did my hands and legs.
sandy did the same too.
camilalalalala *lol* did her own design.
she kept complaning it's breaking its breaking!
its sposed to break. lol.
den we stayed in class and gossiped.
mostly abt the common bitch.
well, some ppl dont know the real HORRIBLE truth abt her,
so i guess they side her.
i just sit directly behind her, so i know whats she like during class.
she treats eugene yip like a dog,
and flirts like ?!#$#%$#^%&* with the 2 ppl behind her,
screams at the teacher whenevr he/she is wrong,
dont believe?
exchange yr seat a day with me-
and you'll believe what she's like.
you can hear from keane, camilla or benjamin.
or maybe the 2 ppl who sits behind her.
provided if you'll believe.
i mean, keane's a concillor why wld he want to lie?
we went down for lunch den wnt back to classrm.
we all wnt to slp.
sandy cld slp on the chair! i mean lying dwn.
i tried but it was too stiff.
i gave up and lied on the table instead.
den tj left the sch with his DRAMA frns and left us alone in sch! >< so obviously we had to go find him. went back to sch for the streaming talk. until 9! it was ridiculous to see how irritated the principle was when the guy kept asking abt a.maths. he said it was useless and wanted the principle to drop tht sub. in other words, make it not compulsory. went home aft. that. such a boooooring day. aha.

we had pizzas, and drinks!
ahh mr choo was so touched.
well, me, cam and wj's feel the beat was like a..
farewell beat?
me and cam went crazy with the shalala dance!
speaking abt it, i feel like an idiot now.
dancing arnd the whole class with silly movements
and singing -.-!

she missed his everything.
but she's suffering now,
she told him time cld nvr turn back.
now she wants to turn back time,
but she cant.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

im so pissed by this.
lets just name them - A and E.
A talked to me abt E,
saying how much she hates her,
and etc etc.
i didnt know wtf is wrong with A, she says she hates her but the next moment she loooooves her just as much. sucker. i found out frm wynne tht she was just using me all along. FCUK YOU BITCH. i didnt know why i liked you as a fren in the first place. oh, dont worry, me and wynne share the same loathing for YOU.
plus, she makes use of people, ESP guys that.. well, admire her?
seriously i dont know what guys do see in her.
just because of her fringe?
oh gawd.
she used to be an innocent angel lst yr etcetc.. maybe devil overtook her body this yr. go ahead say im jealous. im not and i nvr will be. she's just so stuck up, fancy using guys who like you when you dont like them! i mean, if you dont like a guy, you'd probably just ignore him or smth. but she goes round flirting with them!! i really dunno whats gotten into her. she can love E all she wants, probably E must be smiling with glee, now she's got A all to herself. A asked us what was wrong with her. we already told you, but you didnt change for the btr. no use brooding over this matter, cause alot, i mean ALOT of ppl dislike you already. if you read this, you know who im talking about.

p.s might not neccesarily be frm our class.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

wnt to meryl to orchard today. walked wisma and taka. so tired lah. im supposed to blog about today but.. SORRY MERYL! xD

but i'm broke!
hopefully i'll be able to save up till 10 bucks.
for tix and drinks.
with camiJIE and err. someone.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

cause its damn bloody boring. zzz.
wnt thr with a bunch of ppl frm our class.. practically half.
still got some xia lan sec1 kids.
act until like tht.
dno wht to say lah.
was late for music class like 20mins -.-

Friday, July 14, 2006


Mood: er. okok lah.

Taste: saliva?

Clothes: black tank pink shorts *just came back frm a round of badminton.

Desktop Picture: naruto

Toenail Colour: purple toesies

Surroundings: err. nobody's around me.

Annoyances: fan sounds!


Best Friends: cher, amd.

Crush: cant rmb.

Movie: AGES AGO!

Lie: ??

Music: backstreet boys?


Cigarette: anti-smoker.

Drink: h2o thirst quencher.

movie: aquamarine.

Phonecall: my mom?

Played: RAKION


Dated One Of Your Best Friends:huh? no.

Broken The Law: school rules?

Been Arrested: im an angel!


Been On TV : err. news.

Kissed Someone You Don't Know : im not dumb.


Five Things You Are Wearing Right Now: eye ears mouth nose tongue. lol.

Four Things You've Done Today: GOSSIP, GOSSIP, GOSSIP, GOSSIP.

Three Things You Hear Right Now: tv, bro singing, fan.

One Thing That You Do When You're Bored: SLEEP.


what's the best nickname you've ever had? err. nana? tht was pri sch. or maybe bibi. i dont know.

Do you think suicide is the best way?sometimes i guess.

Rate your social life from scale 1 - 10: 7

are you in love with someone at the moment?dont fall in love anymore *i know some PPL out there wont believe, but its true.

are you missing someone at the moment? yup. but not a crush, seriously.

would you die for the one you love? if its love, not infatuation, yes.

do you think love hurts? depends on how you look at it.

what's the best thing about love? makes you feel loved.

what's the worst thing about love? getting dumped and cheated?

will you wait for someone you love? dont think so.

what song that best decribes your love life at the moment?errr. unfaithful? i dont know the lyrics actually lol.

do you wanna get married?i guess.

have you talked to the person you love for the past 24 hours?i love my family, so yes (:

do you keep memories or try to forget them? i rmb the good ones. i try to forget the bad ones.

is love always on your side or the opposite way? eh?

are you sick of love? yes. kinda.

are you sick of question of love? irritated.

what are you going to do today-tomorrow? no idea.

what do you want so badly right now?MONEY FOR SHOPPING SPREE

do you think money is everything? err. not really. money cant buy you love.

what's the song that you last downloaded? my bro downloads, not me.

So last would be???????what's that word? i dont get ur question.

how much do you love music?ALOTALOTALOTALOT.

do you play an instrument? YES.

have you written your own song? i stopped. that was the past.

what movie did you last watch?err. aqauamarine.

do you believe in love forever? no.

what's in your mind right now? when's the next soccer match for boy?

what song is in your mind right now? where'd you go. (:

pics for ur entertainment. (:

lets talk abt the hottest topic now.
the FAILURE bitches.
or rather, the REJECTED bitches. lol.
firstly, the COMMON BITCH.
she sucksucksucksucksuck like hell.
i hate her to bits!
secondly, you-know-who.
im sure you all know who!
she tries to act bitchy;
but she's a failure.
badbadbadbadbad one.
sigh. utter humiliation to 2int.

new beat created by wj!
lovelovelovelovelove (:
aft sch wnt t hougang mall food court to eat.
kris, mer, cami, and tj.
den wnt with darren glynis and sandy.
cuz the rest had cca.

CODED #05 (:

Thursday, July 13, 2006

wnt to macs with kris, wynne and meryl to have lunch.
den wnt to ljs to find cami.
sat mrt to compass den run all the way to her house.
damn tiring can.
den still have to wait for the bus-
which took FOREVER to come.
i was already late for boy's match!
cami was crazy over no. 22.
i just love talking abt common bitch.
i mastered the beats! yay!
damn happy lah. my brother is like asking me to shut up whenever i keep clapping. lol disappointing but,
im soso proud of my son. (:

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

wnt to ikea with mer ytd.
then met up with boy and his fren.
den wnt home.

finally collected my new uniform! yay (:

whts wrong with you? wht have i done to make you ignore me?

Friday, July 07, 2006

why does everything come to a coincidence for me?
why why why?
why does it have to be at serangoon stadium?
it just brings back the horrors - of us being together.
i wanna forget this happened.
i dont want to see him - ever again!
i just wanna erase everything away from my memories.
i want the memories to stop haunting me.
i just wanna look forward - and not look towards the past,
whats gone is gone.

yellow house captian's ball is UNBEATABLE.
you hear me?
especially INT AND SIN. (:

YES, i had a nicenicenicenicenice chat with cheryl (:(:
havent seen her for a looong time!
and she still cant get over that eugene (tan)'s
got a spiked hair and contacts!
looks like a hottie - but not to me =he used to be a nerd last time - i swear!
you ppl can go to cher's bloggie to check it out 8P

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

the curse i set upon you.
13 needles.
i want you to feel 5 tmes the pain i felt.
you deserve it.
im feelings really pissed now.
i lost my english wksht and i SWEAR someone took it.
im bursting with fury now.
i'll probably get into trouble with ms chew agn.
my wksht cant possibly vanish in thin air.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

my boy's so troubled and i dont know what the heck can i do.