Monday, January 31, 2005

haiss ytd got tuition...den yamaha...den me and yvonne walk around lookin for cher's prezzie...finally found a bracelet....den i engraved her name on it...*HEY SEE I'M SO KIND WAHAHAHAHA* hope u like it yeah? my most xpensive gift. lolx den today....came to sch...timo sittin on my chair....HAHA reminds me of something...chee sheng timo and wynne fell for my trick....WAHAHAHAHAH soooooooooo funny lors.....hah ok tts bout it.... tatas

Saturday, January 29, 2005

hmm ya today early early wake up to go to lan ..... but den full house wtf...den haf to wait till bout 12.15 liddat lor waste my time....these ppl include jack, catmillus(WAHAHHAH) and kindergarden fren....i dun think he rmbs me...sho sad lor....sian sian leh....OH YAH today that asshole CH called me...i was like wad e fuk lors how he got my home no......i nvr giv the guys in my class leh...ok den he ask me why i hate him so much...den wad can he do to make me like him as a fren den he say i veri kind...etc. etc. AND I WAS LIKE WAD E FARK DOES HE WANT and he wants my hp no....and my bday...fark. HELL TO YOU CH YAY!!!!!!

Friday, January 28, 2005

hahahas so long nvr update liaos. hmm today ars. after sch got psl session. we celebrate the bdays of all e jan babies. hahahas aneway, my best frewn and nemo noe wad la. cant tell here incase i get killed. jus wish dem all the best. my baby korkor HAHAHAHA i feel veri sick now, i dun think im oging to tuiotion lorrs. wasted 39 bucks. shouldn't haf paid. flu headache sorethorat. omg...

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

today after sch got this oral communicative thingy, ang moh la. say he jealous cuz he no hair den i alot of hair den embarrass me infront of e whole clas...dang but heck la, he's still great he say i haf an innocent face not those vulgar type cuz he saw the badge on my pencil box. lols! ok tts all bye

Monday, January 24, 2005

HAIYO TODAY DAMN SIAN!!!! okok la....honestly ar, chinese lesson is the most interesting, den history. the history teacher rox! he's like a councilor(wadeva shitt u spell it) realli rocks man he's so damn interesting yeah! ok dunwan type liaos...byebye

Sunday, January 23, 2005

haiss. so damn bloody sians. yesterday went to my parents office to help help help. stil, its so booooring. den today went to tuition class. booooring. den yamaha. booooooring. den i kea. not so boring. ahahaha ok thats all la, sians

Friday, January 21, 2005

hmm updating this while waiting for the maple story to update. yupps if ya play maple add me i'm macdee...okies today wasextremly boring, jus glad that my brother found a job, yeah im sooo proud of him, cuz one day is 12 hrs so on the average, one month $1800 and i guess he'll b giving me some money. wahahahaha wad a gud bro he is. yupps thats it for today yeah? ta

Thursday, January 20, 2005 so sianss....hmm lemme recap ars....ya la today nothing one...lessons lessons and more lessons siansigh den after sch i chiong to heartland mall to meet john quincy n jackson. yup it was um....ok la got free fries. WAHAHAHAA im so bad u cant stop me yeah! ok den we talk talk talk den suddenly quincy shifted the topic to darryl. the thing i didn wanna hear most. he gave my present to his father to use. he jus hurt me so deeply. i guess its true that first loves for real hard to forget. he's ignoring me now i noe. but since he doesnt reply my sms im totally fine with it. i dun gif a damn bout him anymore. IF U ARE READING THIS PLS GET THE IDEA! sigh...dun wanna talk but him liaos everytime talk bout him i get updet and angry... thats for the day. byes

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

yayaya i noe i haven updated for ages! wahahaha okok anyways talk bout today lar after sch got atheletics audition. as usual i take the short distance....field width one end to the other. hmm... 8.99 that gud? lols i hope so? okies den lata we all haf to go long distance. sianss. i stop at third round liaos. buay ta han sia okies den after that me wynne n nemo went for tao huay....yupps...den got one part i dunwan to say. WAHAHAHAHHA =X ok thats all for now i'll update soon if i haf time. cya all!

Friday, January 14, 2005

hmm today nothing much...the lce was boooring...16 habits of mind...eeeyuck. den lata after sch me and wynne waited outside the general office for timothy aka tim aka timo aka nemo. lols den we went to sengkang...compass point lars. den we went to mac and eat...yummy my fave, as usual...wahaaha i took my time to eat and they were complaining like shit...sorry har... =X okok den we went round the whole shopping centre thanks to nemo....anyhow lead one...yupps...den lata they send me off to the mrt lar....mmm hmmm...den time to say byebye...den im here lors...everytime go out with them i feel like a third party. i realli dunno why lors. they look like a couple when they stand togather...yeah so thats bout it and when nemo, u read this dun come and look for me ar...i innocent the im sure you like wynne WAHAHHAAHHAHA BYE!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005 the cca thingy again....i didnt get into air rifle...thanks to that kenneth...sobsobsob....den i sign up for atheletics...hope i get in...

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

hais....i'm in a really bad mood today...cuz i think that m*** starting to like ****e yeah...dun feel like typing byes...

Monday, January 10, 2005

shitt lar today sooo sian....go to sch den got the junior investiture seremony...den lessons...den got cca thingy...den sooo boooring...can't believe that vincent in band...eeee yuck >=P lols...all for today i guess byes

Sunday, January 09, 2005

hahas today den update...yesterday i did nothing lars...mmm so yah today i went for my yamaha lesson....all the things were screwed up...sighs i think i'm thinking too much bout momo...argh can't stop thinking bout him....den always like to stare at his photo....i'm going mad soon! why did he haf to enter my life...argghs den this morning i sms timothy until afternoon...30++ msges sia....i think his bill is gonna burst...mine too la hehes =) ok byes

Friday, January 07, 2005

hmm sooo long since i update =D went to camp wads...ok the first day is fifth of jan...
First day
booring lars. after we went to the hall the PCs and PSLs intro intro intro den lata we had ice breaker den we all played H02....haf to hold a guys or gals hand....sooo suay ar me...den still got play one more game..forgot liaos la....den we learned the sch creed and batch song =) den lata we went back to class for some cheers usual our class was DEAD quiet =X blabla skip lars all forget le hehe den we had lunch...forgot wad it was...den we did station games hmm... eh the first item is that we haf to tie our shoe laces together and walk as a team...blahs so hard to say...wadeva shitt la... den bathe liaos den dinner...den battle of the light...a candle and a balloon but we didn't get to play...cuz i think not enough time =( den we did night walk...also not scary one... we took the pink trail...den got one part where somebody put a wood down den got a girl scream...den got a guy appear ask us to go up...and it was PITCH DARK cant see a single they put lightsticks to guide we went to the second level...den suddenly got one girl jump out...scare us sia...but den my fren say that girl jump out den she got a torchlight den she go whoaaawhoaaa but she didnt do that to us...strange lehs...den slp le...
Second day
wake up. do mornin exercise.assembly.breakfast. den today we did eagle eye trail...hmm make me sweat like siao...not veri fun haf to walk soooooo far frm punggol walk all the way to sengkang den we came in forth... den we had lunch den auction...walao auction until get until toilet paper sia! 1000+ lehs...den another item we bid 3000 bucks..(paper money) den it was all drinks! YEAH! so we got the most best and most lan prize hahaha den we went back to class yeah? den we decided to sing reach by s club 7 rather den one love by blue...cuz no cd la den we go bathe den lata we gather at parade squaer den campfire! yeah it was sooooo fun den slp liaos...okie end here oh yeah...i got desiree matilda n ben to sign my frenship corner ;)
Last day!!
wake up...set up class room to all the original place den go falg raising....den breakfast...but i had to attend mass so i had breakfast late ....den area cleaning....yuck...we had to clean to toilet....bleahs anyway when we reach there already quite clean =P cuz cleaners toilet wad. den lata got J,I,C rehearsal...junior investiture las...boring, skip...den prize presentation...our class didn't get anything...sobsob den we went back to class..i asked for timothy n arthur's signature den home sweet home....but there's something me,wynne and maryl *sorry if i spell wrongly* did on the second night....hahahahas we sooo bad but i shant say it until its discovered =PpP thankew thankew for reading !

Monday, January 03, 2005

halooo soooo long nvr update liaos...hahas talk bout to day las i haf to walk to meet kunzi and ling tong b4 sch...den we went to our classrooms to assemble den teacher talk talk talk non stop las collect forms...den got student councilers*heck anyhow spell* come our class to take charge 5 of dem desiree matilda timothy arthur and an indian gurl...soooo sowee i dunno how to spell ur name =X den we went to take foto for ez link cards and blabla b4 that we went to the hall for a boooooooooooooring talk yeah (= den after the fotos we haf to see which counciler we under for camp and everything i guess =X im under timothy together with chuan hui and nigel<- YUCK YUCK YUCK!!! being in the same class as him is already considered veri dao mei liaos den also got ice breaking den all of us practically go mad hahas...well thats all la lazee to type trying to find new skins =)