Tuesday, November 30, 2004

aRlowz...yesterday nvr update =PpP too tired laz...i went out at 2+ den meet with pam go orchard....den we go to plaza sing the mac and eat... yummy so delicious lol...den after tt we walk to heeren *WALAO WALK LIKE HELL EHZ!* pity when i reach dere i sms cheryl n she didn reply me >.> aye nvm....btw i at plaza bought 2 badges one with a pig face and its tounge sticking out sayin you jerk and the other one is you look like shit! is that in style now? lol i realli like the pig one its soooo cute! and i went to other shops which sells cute stuff....oh btw when i was walkin towards precious moments at plaza the stupid me l*not melissa chiang* suddenly jump infront of me scare me to death sia -_- den its like long lost frens lor...blabla etc. sian nothin to say liaoz...byeeeeeeeeee

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