Friday, January 27, 2006

i hate today. after sch i went to pri sch. shit totally regretted. shld have went with darren. but i saw him anyways. after 1 yr.. sigh den after tt go to shannon's hse. boooring den te guys asked me to go to quincy's hse. i didnt want to but they said if i nvr go means that i like darryl! which is totally NOT true. so i went anyways. but i decided to back out during the last min. yaya whatever they say i dont care. i went to compass to take 156 to go home. but i oversat cuz i was slping! stupid. den i didnt noe that shitty place den i just sat at the bus stop and did nothing. den suddenly 136 came! so i went to the other side to sit 136.. well i boarded the wrong bus! i boarded 135 instead.. i was half asleep! grr.. den it turned into bradell rd. thats when i sensed smth was wrong.. i only found out when i alighted the bus! good thing it was near serangoon mrt so i decided to walk there. den brendon asked me to meet him so i went to kovan. den i bought my stuffs and went home. dead tired. den i somehow made brendon mood spoil! i dunno whats wrong with me. maybe next time i shld just keep my big mouth shut. ytd was keane. today was my cousin. sigh i dunno what to do i just wanna break dwn. that stupid idiot doesnt even care. sigh i guess i wouldnt be talking that much frm now on.......

Thursday, January 26, 2006

okok i hate today! but i shall start from the beginning. ahhh ESTHER i cant stand her fcked up attitude man. stop being SO proud of urself. and kristle fold her skirt until damn obvious.. the 3 boxes are in such a mess. mr ang lessons are STUPID. he scolded keane for nothing.. well i kinda guess its my fault and im guilty about it. anyways keane if you're reading this we're changing place soon after cny. you'll be with meryl which im sure she's much better den me! oh well gd luck to you then. and i cant believe it! my future is is like farfar away from tzejie. i almost cried when wynne told me that. mean sitting with cheehock and daniel is a BADBAD thing. den she changed them to kenny and chee sheng. not a bad thing. not as bad as the previous one though. lols. oh well. den after sch i stayed for the cca thingy. den after that went to class for the deco thingy. den we practically turned te whole class upside down. chee sheng was going mad - he kicked the tables and chairs then we finally found it *not the actual story i just dont wanna mention the facts*

Monday, January 23, 2006

i wnt to marie's hse after sch today. teach her the tonghua.. listen her play can headache... but she already can play 2 pages! see lah my patience so GOOD. im a GOOD teacher too. nono make that EXCELLENT! ahas.

Friday, January 20, 2006


the first day kinda sucked, sitting under the sun for hours. lunch was great though. curry chicken! havent eaten it for some time xD

the second day rocked totally. for breakfast we had nasi lemak. well i kinda hate the rice but the coconut taste wasnt so strong so i was pretty fine with it. it after that we went to have station game then the nature walk. it was HORRID. i kept complaining inside i swear i wouldnt ever ever ever come to this stuping hiking thing again. i already had tears in my eyes when a stranger walked past and said be strong and be brave. we were wearing our camp tees and the words were written there. well den i didnt give up. it was our theme for camp anyways. i just went on and on until nobody can tahan. so we went back for dinner.*YES WE HIKED FOR 4 HRS!* i hate the frink. i always always hate it. grape drink with extra water so it taste extremply yucky and plain. den we went to plan for our campfire item. den we sit there stare at each other for 50mins. den the last 10 mins finally come up with something. everyone was relieved but nervous obviously, cuz it was only planned out within 10mins. we decided to sing 'let the music hear ur soul'. the lyrics were nice so is the song. the campfire started outdoors but den it started raining so we had to move into the canteen. 2dil was first. i think we were the 4th or 5th. everyone was nuts about nigel leading us. and eileen too. its the best if you get a handsome guy to lead ya noe ^^ he still looks like a duck to me no offence. well after our performance we said a cheer and xiuyuan did his wushu. we went back to our sitting place and waiting for the scores to be up. guess what? FULL MARKS. we went nuts!!! i guess after tt we went as SIAO as diligence.. dancing on the chairs, dancing on the table! i love this camp. it helped to bond our frenship too. we are all frens now =) must thank this camp, if not we wld still be fighting i guess. well today was the prize presentation. nigel got the best male camper and our class was the best class. as usual we went nuts. on the bus back to sch we didnt stop cheering although about half the class lost their voice. we just kept cheering and cheering. teeyong asked us to keep quiet but we didnt listen. hahas. well. i just love this camp. i love everyone too =) i dont want this class to fall apart for the streaming. this wld probably be our last yr together. gd job ppl!

Monday, January 16, 2006

whats WRONG with the class. fancy arguing about who copied this who copied that. cant you jsut grow up? YES i noe you started calling tzejie a bitch first. but we started calling OTHER PPL a bitch. so pls stop saying that we copy you. we target EVERYONE not only tzejie. i don care whether you call him a bitch or a white bitch or whatever shit. if you think this is rubbish so be it.
i just accidentally cut my mouth. shit got blood all over. sigh i don understand why ppl like to argue over small things. who craete this who craete that la i don fren you you don fren me. which is totally RIDICULOUS. no, i dont mean elisa and wj. you shld noe who you are. only come to us when you need help. or when u alone. you're such a freaking bitch. I HATE YOU. filthy hypocrite.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

the fairytale which started on the 30thnov ends now.
I LOVE THE BITCH TREND. it was started by me! although the grp is made up by glynis, tze jie and me. everyone copied our trend and started calling everyone a bitch. HAHA

ytd was cca orientation.. band performance really rocked! expect when tee yong dropped the stick.. i was really shocked cuz he nvr did drop it b4! oh well. it was a pretty fine day. thanks to DONKEY LIM HAOYEE*******! heh

****** requested by donkey

Thursday, January 12, 2006

i hate today. but i loved the beginning. well me tj and rockie started the new bitch trend *haha* well i was the one who started calling everyone a bitch! well its for a joke only, not seriously. heh so i kept scolding kenny a bitch. it was hilarious. den came to pw. i noe tt they didnt want us. which actually spoiled my mood for the whole day.should have went with tj when he asked. sigh too late to regret now.

i just wanna breakdown;
life's too hard for me
i cant stand emotional pains
its a torture.
i cant handle this confusion
no one bothers.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

WORK TODAY! i got 56bucks which is VERY little.. worked for 10 hrs today lol.sigh after work i went to eat with some ppl. i forgot their names ... cant rmb lah.. oh well it was okay today!

Monday, January 09, 2006

i wanna murder wynne! she wrote zheyue's name all over my window =( phoooo after sch went to work. quite simple lah though sit until my back very pain. i was working with wynneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and yvonne! we make a great team. hohohohohoho we did approx 700 cards. which is alot liao! today work 4hrs only den my back cannot tahan. tmr is work 12 hrs. i think i die le. aiyaa but im despo for money! heh heh. i wanna go to bsb concert!! i still rmb last fri damn funny. tze jie was turning around and talking to me den mr soh as was standing behind him den he suddenly tap tz den he scream like girl O_o den we kept laughing cuz mr soh's a pervert in our class haha. oh well im gonna watch project runway now! i really hate wendy pepper! pff.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

FIRST DAY OF SCH. eugene went to hum. sad eh. den another eugene yip came in. small nerdy tooty looking. xDD well tze jie was nice to him! he sound like an english expert though. tj's got some competition for oral now. AHAHAH.