Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Waddup. Ytd Sara kept teasing me about the food that I ate >:( Meh. Dun wanna talk abt it. My camp is on Thurssss... Quite excited about it.. Except for the hike and mangrove planting.

Btw, its in Bintan! HEHEHEHEHEH.



Once in a gazillion years. Let me hear your claps for me :p

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I was like telling my dad today that I'm not too sure whether I wanna join back my same maths tuition as its quite far. Den he asked me if I needed tuition of econs.

Me: No need la. Even if I need, I have a fren in uni who can help me. Anw, I find econs quite interesting. Its not that hard yet..
Dad: Ya. Econs is like everyday life what. Like if you have high demands and low supplies things will me more exp etc..

And he continued lecturing me about demands and supplies.
I was like.........


My dad pro seh. Know demands vs supply.
Dun playplay ah.

I decided to join back there btw. Lol x)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Celebrated Cam's bday tmr. I had to give the movie a miss :( so sad. Anw heard that they had alot of fun and the cake was great. :(:( I had to leave early cos I had to report to sch early today. So toot. For one stupid maths test which I almost left everything blank. Then next fri have to come early for the late coming thing while everyone gets to reach sch at 840.

I was soooo happy to see my gf again!! And eunice , sandy, jiahui, weiming, diana and ssq! Ok la, I not sooo excited about seeing ssq cos he damn irritating. LOL. They said my uni looked nice on me. Heh!! While cam's was... weird. Hehhehehhhh. Anw Diana bought this SUPER cute smiley balloon for Cam la. *bloody jealous* Me wans balloons on me bday too!!!!!


Today was cca day anw, damn bloody tiring. I scored a bullseye!! LOL!! That was sooo damn unexpected. Cos I was aiming at something else then it ended up there. Hah. Btw I'm in archery now :p PE today was really crazy.. My muscles are aching like crazy now.

Soooo many things to do, so little time...
When will this ever stop?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ive been soooo busy/lazy/cant be bothered to update my blog. Hahah. Even though I always have soo much to say. Umm ok lets start with last week. It was all lectures. Lol. The econs teacher is appearntly a mad woman la. But usually mad teachers's class will have good results in the end. Lol. Cannot wait to see who's my econs teacher tmr.

Ok. No mood to blog liao. Bye.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yay for vday!! Ahahaah. Unfortunately, yesterday was such a boring day. Stayed in the hall for many many many hours. Then during ct time got scolded by the teacher for eating slow=.= mehhhh. There goes my good impression. LOL.

Lectures on Mon again! Wtf >:( I cannoooooooot canooooooot wait for the Bintan trip!! Its gonna be awesome!! Its been such a loooooooooooooooong time since I went for camps :) moreover its at Bintan! Fun or what?! I just hope we're not going in our subject groups.. :S I hope we go according to our CTGs!!

Anw received a rose from Vanny!! HEHEHE SO TOUCHED. I wasn't expecting it at all lor. I feel so bad not giving her anyth. Heh. Also got tidbits and other stuffs.. I think RenZhi's gift to the whole class was the most comical one. Lol. He wrote a card and pasted it on top of the Ferrero box. Damn funny that card. Haha.

Maybe going swimming soon! And I'm starving...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I'm damn excited cos I cannot wait for GP to start. Esp the essay. LOL. I was damn happy when I saw the topics today. Haha. CANNOT WAIT LAH!!!! Mr Singh's effort won't go to waste after all :DDD

I swear all the econs teacher in yjc are mad ppl. I quite regret taking H2 econs now. And Matthew was damn funny. Like saying he wants to fail his econs. Hahaha.

I loved the bio teacher the most. He was really nice and humourous. He even allowed H1 students to sit in. Other teachers were just like, H1 get lost. =.= Cannot wait to start bio, it looks damn interesting.

Today celebrated Stephy's bday, it was damn fun. Haha. SMashed the cake into his face, threw him into the pond, poled him (but he said didnt touch).

Yay for the presents! :D

Friday, February 06, 2009


I felt that it was the worst day of my life cos we had yishun amazing race. Hell lor, I swear!! I only loved the last station when we had to dress Pauline and Sebastian up!!!
Pauline - little mermaid
Sebby - king neptune, mermaid's dad.
First time I laugh until I cry. LOL. It was soooo funny. Sorry, no pic of Pauline:( heh.
Bbq today, and with jam & hop session :D really fun!! Pics!!
Lesbi pose :) with the new girl, Shermaine! Oh yes, there was a new guy today too. And his name is the same as Bubu's. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. THIS IS SO WEIRD...............................

ONEONENINE:) i look retarded, lol.
My sis-in-law bought me a make up kit and a concealer!!! HAPPY!!!
AND MY NEW NIKE SHOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me mom bought me a dickies bag too. TEEEHEEE. Super happy.
*bunny hops around the whole house*

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I'm still quite quiet. RAWR. I think ppl will go like
when they finally see the true me. I am one crazy maddy wahtever-you-can-think-of-y person. Heehee. Not sure how long I will take to open up.
Absolutely not in the talking mood today cos I was sooooooo sleepy and tired.

I like my class! Everyone so nice :D Today aft sch I kept talking to Cam about that fat girl from her class, cos she looked very.... someone I dont like.

Me: EH, you know that fat girl, blahblahblabhblah
Cam: WALAO. Can you stop caling her fat anot?
Me: *protests*WHYY!!!!!
Cam: She's very nice one lor.
Me: Ok lor=.=
(Cause I thought she's those very bitchy one ma, so I call her fat, LOL)

I know my gfs will def miss me when they get their new classmates.
Cos they'll have no one burping in their faces.
I soooooo miss them :(

Leave a tag on my board and say you love me okay?!?!

I wan go make my framless specs.. Cos the metal frame is damn loose. But dunno if can anot. Meanwhile...

Mad bunnehs.


**Reminder to self: Add Sammy and gf to new msn.

Monday, February 02, 2009

First day of jc - super tiring lah!

We had lots of icebreaker games, den run here run there, blahblah. Anw thanks Sandy for the msg this morn!! I was too busy until I forget to reply you!! Heehee.

So! Even though today was tiring, it was really boring. Didn't really make 'friends'. Like just know who are you and who am I those kinda shitzx.

Meh. 4 more days to go.
I want to start studying lehhh.