Friday, April 29, 2005

as usual, i came to sch with nic. didnt meet jesslyn. hais. so sad. so onli me and him walk to school... den i went to class to put my bag den we went up to his class together. he keep saying his classmates. hais. so bad! den after sku i met yvonne and we bought the jelly ice cream and walked outta sku. but we saw rowen and nic and their silly bunch of frens. den aaron asked yvonne whether i like nic anot! and i'm like WTF! but she told him that she dunno. but she actually noe! haha den alot of ppl also ask her before. we walked to the playground cuz we were waiting for rowen and nic. den we talked and played a lil. we both hated sweating. hahas. so we walked back to sku and bought another ice cream. HAHA! den we manage to avoid the table of mad guys... den lata rowen was playin basketball and nic was playin we decided to disturb nic.. call him power ranger... haha... den lata nic came towards us... ask us to pei him go to 83 bus stop... yvonne dunwan to go so she ask me to go wit nic.. -____- so i went with him.. my bag veri heavy so i walk veri slowly lah... den he pei me walk slow...den he supposed to meet his fren at 4.30 but i think he late lah.. haha.. den when i reached home my mom said wanna go swimmin... i swam 12 rounds = 1200m! this is the first time i swim so much! hahas. den lata i came home and ate my delicious dinner! =) den lata nic called.. ask me to pei him go somewher tmr.. den my parents dun allow... feel soooo bad... haiz.. his frens organize that thing bcuz of me... and in the end i didnt turn up... haizzz... den thats it for today..

Thursday, April 28, 2005

whoooooopeee! =) today i waited at e mrt...i saw jesslyn and went in. waHAHA. den we sat lrt together and looked for nic. he brought my breakfast but i already eat. hahahs. so i gave the bread to wynne! she's always starving one! hahas. today de lesson was super boring. i almost dozed off during lit and sci. those are the two most BORING lessons. mr toh's teaching is full of CRAP. jus like my bro said he's teachings are a pile of shit! haha. quite true. den today music lesson... so boring... gonna test on sch song... and i'm like WTF. cuz i dunno the lyrics of the sch song. HAHA. den after sku i went home with jemaine, marie, yihan and her frens. the SOTONG family! yep i'm the wife. WAHAHAH! den yihan's fren was spraying water on the ground and sliding arcoss the whole pathway. LOL. it looked fun! den when i reached home, yvonne called me and asked me to pei her cuz she waiting for ROWEN. den we talk for about 1hr 20 mins. lol. so short. den lata i put down the phone... den lata nic called. den talktalktalk den put down. i was half sleepin when he called! hahas. den lata i went to haf my nap. den i bathed and was playin com when nic called again. i think he was playing guitar. it sounded like a guitar. it was soooo nice! loved it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

okie i onli haf 5 mins to up date... ytd me and yvonne waited for rowen and nic to finish their self-study lah. 5pm lehh! den lata they come up...den we started whackin each other... haha.. me and yvonne got soaked from top to toe...but she worser lah.. den the boys went to play soccer lo... den me and yvonne dry up at the toilet... den we walked veri slowly to the soccer there... den we waited for them... until 6+... den they actually jus walk off without me... cuz i walking another way.. den i like veri angry... so rowen and yvonne called nic to come back.. pei me go bus stop... hahas.... den i go home... den today.. i supposed to meet nic at lrt there... but then... i woke up at around 6.45... hahas... so i called him told him that i'll be late lah.. den he ask em to meet him at the school canteen... but in the end we didnt.. he passed my breakfast to jesslyn... but dunno why he stil ask me to meet him leh.. den dunring lessons were so boring. i almost dozed off during he lesson. 2hrs theory! but fri the test liao. hais. mid yr comin... today after sch i stayed back for band... den got buffet... alot of sec 1s dun dare go take... den amelia help me to take... ahhas... she so kind.. den lata we went up for amg.... so sad sia... alot of ppl cry... hais... emmeline's speech was the most touching one... i really pity her... she's jus like me... all my frens from band one lor... oh yeah thats it..

Monday, April 25, 2005

today mornin i was supposed to meet nic at 6.45 but it turned out to be 7.05. heh heh. thanks to me lah. with me around anything bad can happen! whees. sch was so darn bloody boring. when i went online cher told me bout wad happen to chermaine today. hahas. so funny. serve mel and eunice right. they deserved it! thats all

i hate yoo
i detest yoo
get out of my way`
my lyfe`

Sunday, April 24, 2005

on fri after my sports day i went back to pri sch with jia hui, jia yong, elwin, eugene and pris. on the way, we bought bubble tea and the autie call elwin AH GIRL. AHAHHAAAAAAAAAa we all laughed like SIAO. i ate at pri sch. i missed the food. yummm.! and den me and pris went to find rowen and nicholas. when i reach there i onli saw nic. lols. den pris wanna go back to pri sch so we left her at the bus stop. hahas. den we walked to the next bus stop. amanda goh called me and told me tt she was comin. so we missed alot of bus jus to wait for amanda goh. ahahas. when i picked her up, i still had to open e door for her. wtf. lols. den she thought that nic was my stead and i'm like WTF. nO LOR. den lata 136 came and we went to heartland mall cuz my mom wanted to buy a watch. we left nic at e bus stop. wahahha. after we reached there we ate kfc together wit my mom and my bro. hahas. she keep talkin bout her taxi trip. cuz she chinese not good den say until veri funny. hahas. den my mom was so shocked that her chinese was so lan. hahah. den we walked around and went home. yeahhs. she's still as good as ever. den on sat me and nic went to lan. he trashed me in gb. damn it im not playing with him anymore. wahahas. or either i train hard and trash him back. hmmm. i gotta reconsider lah. so after we played lan we went to heartland mall to walk walk la... walk liao den sit mrt go to punggol...i was suppose to send him home but he send me to the 136 bus stop. he had to be home by 2.30 but i dragged time so when he reached home it was bout 2.50. hahas i think he didnt get any scolding bleahhs. den today me and yvonne met up for yamaha lesson. when we were inside there was a slight tremor and i was like woooooow first time experiencing it. i wont forget it ;p yvonne was scared. very. the reason why we felt it was mayb we were doing theory so it was veri quiet and peaceful. hahas. den after lesson we went to walk around heartland mall. den we sat down and yvonne started telling me all her problems. hais. dunno why i felt like crying. her life is jus like mine, so screwed up. den she called rowen over and we went to take neoprints. got new machine at heartland mall. they removed bout 3 of e machines. haiz. but e new machine's nice... but not veri clear. oh YEAH. nic told yvonne that i got thrashed by him in gb. gRR. ok fine. dun play with him gb liaos. hahas. when i went out with yvonne and rowen i really feel like light bulb. WAHAHA den she keep torturing me when i said that. aHEM. den yvonne started ticking rowen in popular den yvonne told me that he was scared of tickles. den we gang up and started tickling him. ahahah den lata he tockled us and we chased him all over heartland mall. hoho. so fun. den lata after a looooooooooooong time we stopped. i hit him on e head and den he hit me back. one time he hit alot of times. so it was veri pain... owwww. i'll get my revenge! when going to e bus stop i saw a big gulp den i wanted to hit it down and den rowen hit my hand den my hand hit until de cup so it fell down but my arm hurt! walao tt guy he hit ppl so hard sia. okies tts a;; for today. i soooo tired :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

todae after my me, darren, huijoo, zuoying and tze jie waited for the silly nigel to finish his npcc so we can go to heartland mall.but in the end, we went ahead without nigel. he's gonna look for us after his npcc. we went to mac to eat. darren was good. he lent me his mp3 again along with the charger. he's good man =)) but lata when nigel came, we went to e popular and he bought zuoying a file. he didnt buy for me. hmmph. den we walked around in minitoons. den tze jie went home. den lata we went home also. tts e end. hais. boooooring.

Monday, April 18, 2005

i had a blast yesterday!! firstly i met yvonne at heartland mall, it was alreadyquite late so we skipped yamaha. hees. =)) we bought the diskette for nothing. bleahhs. wasting time. den we went to play lan. played dota. hais. i'm sooo lousy. heh. den after we finished the game, our time was up. jason won. boos ` so me and yvonne wanted to go hougang mall with rowen and jason but rowen insisted on staying at e lan shop. so mi and yvonne went. we hardly walked for an hour den rowen called us back. haiis. den later i went home. den i slept. after i woke up my mom fetched me and my bro to pick my father up. we went to pan pacific*5 star hotel!* it was 37 storeys! when i went inside, i looked up and got dizzy. it was sooooooooo tall! we went to e jap restaurant to check out. it was full house. so we went to another restaurant and it was at the LAST LEVEL!!!!!!!!!! when we took the lift up, the scenary was outside the hotel. it was creepy. almost eye to eye to the word suntec! but the scenary at e restaurant was super nice! got the seaside and the lights relfecting from the river. BEAUTIFUL. my parents force me to eat abalone and MUSHROOM. ABALONE WAS OKAY BUT MUSHROOM! omg i tell you i almost VOMITTED!! i had tears in my eyes already! den my dad said i was veri good in acting! wtf. after that we went down. i had enough courage to look at the scenary while going down e lift. BEAUTIFUL. we finally left the beautiful hotel. i wont ever forget it. it was so nice =)). tts bout it. today so sian. hais.

Friday, April 15, 2005

i think i had heritage tour ytdd. oh yes. it WAS ytdd. its was boring and stupiid. dun talk bout it laHH. today iish the day. a veri special day. one yr since we broke up. haiz. i stil can rmb e date. lols. today for lce lesson mr er brought his son along. he's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute and adorable!!!!! =)) and his son was VERY young and he sang welcome to my life!!!! SOOOOO ADoRABLE! heeeeeh. after sch i went to old class meetin. i was first. met tze jie and darren there. we were SOOOOOOOO noisy. ahahah. den quincy came. den john. den lingtong and kunzi. all wearing outside clothes cept for me. hahas. so xtra. den talk talk talk den all go walk around. i bought e sports band. soooo pretty. hahas. tts it!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

oOkies. now talk bout sun. soooo much to say =))
i wanted to meet wit yvnne but
she was with rowen.
so i went to yamaha.
but she was kindD.
she waited for mee.
dunring e lesson, it was sooooo screwed upp.
so after lesson we sent judy to e mrt.
den i saw weez.
so yvonne went to e lan shop to find rowen.
onlii me and weez waiting at heartland mall.
we were sooooo quiet =))
den they came and we go
we boarded e mrt.
yvonne and rowen seemed so lovin
so it made me think bout me and him.
we were n0thing.
n0thing compared
to them.
that realli br0ke me.
i was thinkin of wad fun thing we did.
nothing at alL.
my heart was bleeding and crying.
it'll be over
over for us soon.
we sat mrt to orchard.
i didnt even talk to weez.
yvonne and rowen kept asking us to talk
but i jus kept quiet.
i was nvr.
nvr so quiet.
i was probably thinkin bout me
and him.
when we went to cine, e movie alr started and we were late for 30mins
so we didnt buy e tix
we went to eat.
me and yvonne ate at mac and rowen ate
kfc. bud we ate together.
den yvonne pulled me away.
we went to e toilet and she kept askin me to talk to weez
i told her tat i gort nth to talk about.
so i ask her to gif me a topic
den she say anything
so i say jus say hi jiu can liao
i think she gonna faint.
so we went back. they so bad
left me and weez behind.
we went back to hearland mall
played at lan.
we finally talked.
but not as much.
i'm not good with my chinese.
so we play play play.
den play until e stupid frozen throne.
it was fun
but they say it was laggy so we quit.
den time for me to go.
i got home late
grounded by my parents.
den mon.
cant rmb wad happen.
bud i noe we got back our oral marks counted wrongly.
i got 51/65
i either got e fifth
or fourth in class.
den today i went home with glynis.
hais dunwan to type le
more updates bout today look at elisa's blog.
one person. onlii one. was dere for miie alwaez.
sotong ger ger thanx for everything.
you rawk!
i'm being left out.
no one bothers
no one cares.
this is e second time im typing this.
i wonder.
how manii more times im gonna
type this.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

yipees. todayy i went out early in e mornin to meet kunzii and weeeeeee`. i met kunzi first cuz she said that she was scared of weeeeee`. hahas kinda funny. FOR THE SECOND TIME, weeeeeee` scared me again. DAMN! freakkky! okies den we went to hougang interchange but den weeeeee` dumped us there. boos`. when to xinmin. soooo boring =\ we walked around and around and finally found gloria. sheesh. den we walked around and around again. den we finally left. i brought a wooden blue clip and they glued my name on it. its sooo nice. den me and kunzii went to hougang mall to haf lunch. den we took pics of our clips. haha. so bOliaos right. den i went to meet cam. den we played lan! i played cs. hoho. so mani ppl died under my hands. WAHAHAHA! den came home yupps. my key was in my pocket and i didn't bother to find it. so i called my silly bro and told him that i forgot to bring my key out. ahhHH i waited an hour for him. hmmmph. den i was super pissed when i found my key in my pocket. arrrGH! thats all lah. buh bye!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

few dayys ago i went tuu e stadium.
can'tt b botheredd whetherr i got in ornot.
hope i didn't get into e 100m.
i wanna get into relay.

something's wrong these few dayys.
i never felt like living anymore.
life is just too cruel.
no 0ne bothers to notice that i exist.
everyone hates me.
jus bcuz i'm mean.

they take things so seriously.
jus read my frenster.
alot of red arrows.
this is n0t my day.
not a single green arrow.
i d0n't exist on this earth anymore.
no 0ne bothers.
no 0ne cares.


Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Monday, April 04, 2005

SOOOOO mUCH TO SAY! oMG! okok. on sat i went back to sch for my band. playplayplay finally learned e basics. phew. so we passed. YAYYYY!!!! good thing number 1. HAHAHA. good thing number 2. AVRIL'S CONCERTTTTTT!!!! okayes. i promise that i will list detail by detail. firstly, gloria's parents came to pick me up. i was like WOOOOOW when i saw her. so punk. kayes. den we went to e indoor stadium. and when they started playin, im like WTF WHY THEY PLAYING PUG JELLY SONG!?!?!?! okayes. i LOVE pug jelly. THEY RAWK! so i enjoyed their 15 min performance. YEEEAH! den after tt got 15 min break....change all e instruments... den AVRILLLLL! me and gloria onli stood up when she sang skater boi and complicated. the sillt tze jie was swinginghis hand oFF. AHHAHAHAHA! but im suprised. he dresses veri well. oh btw ther were 20 speakers. IMAGINE THAT! okies den on sun. after my music lesson, i chiong to ps to meet meryl and woei juin. watched the eye 10. SOOOOOO scary! ok. cher if u're reading this, u prob think im chicken. my first time watching ghost movies kaye. =X den today sian sian wan. sch went as usual. came to sch with meryl and woei juin. aHHh. so sians. kayes tts it fer now. TATa

Friday, April 01, 2005

TMR IISH AVRIL'S CONNNNNCERTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAH! I'M GOING NUTTTTTTTTS!!! lols. ok stop jokin. hahas!!!!! i cant WAIT!!!=PpPpP todae. STUPIIDDDD BUSSSS DRIVERR!!!! after sch me elisa and miao went to compass point. den we wait at e traffic light to cross to the other side. ok. got one bus come den spalsh water*it was rainin* ok. den we moved back abit. DEN THE SECOND BUS CAME! IT DRENCHED US!!!! F***! den me and miao onli half wet. elisa was wet frm top to toe. so poor thing. kks tts bout it