Monday, February 28, 2005

oh damn. i'm bloody fucked up. my dad jus threw some hings from my table onto the floor. not jus sweep the things but he SLAM 2 fragilr things. one is a cd that i bought which costed me a BOMB and thanks to that, it broke into half. fuck man. actually todaee i veri happy one. now no mood to type. thks to tt. i went to orchard with elisa chuan hui and kunzi. took neoprints. go elisa blog if u wanna see more. i no mood liao!

Sunday, February 27, 2005

gosh. i noe i havent been updating for days. i've got an announcement to make.

$50 per tix. free standing. any one who wanna go pls contact me. or tag at my board. 30 March. 8pm. Suntec.


Thursday, February 24, 2005

sian sian. todaee hor. after sch me wynne camilla mery woei jun n eileen went to timo's class to look at the girl who like timo. she very "CHIO" sia! den we talkin to timo right den she came and shut the window sia! wtf. lorrs. she is extremly FAT and her hair is super curly. GROSS! wad a bitch. den lata had psl meetin. i felt soooo left out while everyone is havin fun. i seem to be invisible. hais. all bcuz of tt nigel. bastard.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

hahas todae backed rock cookies. with choco. hen hao s\chi =)) it rockked. wahhas yupp. mi and lenson minus 10 marks bcuz of the damn rubbish. forgot to clear it up. my first time minus marks. sh0` sadd =( okii den afta sch. i got band. so hafta stay backk. yupp eileen quittin...she onli flutist she sian sian wan. got to noe who is rowen and brinston. wahhas tt rowen so childish leh. how old liao? 16 leh. aiyoyo. keep playing with the sec ones. haiss! den we started practicing at around 5plus. actually when my seniors ask me to blow right...i cannot blow lors. den when they finally scram out of the class room, i figured out that i could play 4 notes. but i cant play the note do. dunno why. too low? hahas. but i always blow veri low. lols. today camilla and eileen fought. i think it was over me. i'm so sorry cam....

D0Nt LiKe DeN SaY, n0 niD t0 SaY iT s0 iNdiRecTly!!! weLl, i thiNk i dUN liKE y0U TOO!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

started with history. hmm same old boring lesson but e teacher rawks. big time. lolx. den on with maths. sian lar. den recess! yepyep. not enought time to eat my laksa =(( den back to class for...umm...english? GREAT MAN. THAT TEACHER SUCKS BIG TIME. the new teacher from moe. kaos. i hate her!den we had compre test. i haf a feelin tt i'm gonna score low! nonono! not on english. !! den after tt got science. test on cells and tissues and everything. quite hard tho. den we had chiinese. yupp, me now started to like chiinese. i love the teacher mann *i'm not a les!* i mean as in her personality la. she's so understanding. lorrs. plus she dont realli scold. cares alot bout us yeahh =)) so after sch had lunch and went for jie fu's class. haiss. ben, emma and joshua, eunice and joanne, i dunno the other girl name, joined our class. they were probably absent yesterday. hahas. tt ben. sit so close to elisa sia. hmm!yupp. denn play a game. we came in second no prizes =((. yupps. haiss. so sian lehx. oh ya after jie fu lesson me and wynne and camilla went to compass to eat mosburger. OHMAN the burger was SUPERB! i loved it....simply delicious. but it was ex. yupp. 6.25 leh including drink and fries. but all small. mcdonalds more worth. den lata wynne go liaos. me and camilla den sit mrt to punggol. den we had a nice nice chat. we sit from punngol to harbourfront. den harbourfront sit back. fastest way to waste time. haha we mus be siao rite? is actually quite fun, you peeps out dere shld try it. but we did our hwk along e way. hahahas. so fun. yupp tts bout it lars. oh yah,


Monday, February 21, 2005

hmm. ytd. didn do much. yepps =)) todaee arrs. nothing much happen also larrx. my chinese got 52/100. yayss. at leastt manage to pass. got ppl 26 sia. haiss. denn afterr sch me n kunzi go mac eat. yummy. i saw hui hui there. my bro's long lost fren. lols jus kiddin. more like mine. she inn 5 joy.... i so surprised tt she stil in hihs.. yupps...den i saw a gurl which is so ugly tryinn to actt likee a bytchh. so gross mann....feltt like slappinn herr....lols! tts it bb!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

todae. went to bugis with camilla and her bro. forgot wad his name is. but veri weird the lars. we went to lan shop. but no seats available. so we went t the other lan shop to play arcade. camilla and i played the car game. her score was 37 or 38/40 mine's 35/40. second time is 32/40. third time also the same. hahas so fun. playin the car game. actually i got 26/4o wan. but den alot of cars bang me ya. so not fun. den those ppl bside me they playin their own car game. scold so mani vulgarities. den one guy bside me say oei dun scold so mani vulgarites la. in chinese. but he say until so soft. siao. den lata we go andd eat. at food junction. wtff. my chiken rice costss $3.50. so exx lorss...den lata camilla go play gunbound. i jus sit and watchh. den it was like tt.
me boy camilla
tt was the sittin arrangement. the boy in between was playin gunbound. when he got hit he kept scoldin vulgarities. pointin third fingers also haff. denn i onlii noe tt boyss are worser soree losers den gals. den he left, another guy came. alsoo liddat.....they are realli siao...den lata playplayplay i gtg mom came to fetch me.den went to my dad shop to see see. it stinked. i dunno why. lols den came home and slp...yeah tts all...byess


Friday, February 18, 2005

at least today isnt as horrible as yesterday. l0lx. today all sec ones and twos haf mass walk. but i didn go cuz of cathetism. l0lx. good huh. den we had our lce lesson in the library. so shiok. got air con. 30 min b4 the lesson end all the class rep. haf to clean the classroom. hahas so fun. water everywhere lolx. tts bout it for t0day.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

today is a relli fuckin day. i wish tt it will nvr repeat again. on with the classes. damn boring. oh yah wynne i dunno what the hell is goin on but i DON'T do black you even noe wads black magic...helooo plus its illegal and you all tryin to ignore me bcuz of tat? sure, nigel said that he didn't send me that sucker message but infact he did. i dunno whether u noe bout the sucker msg....if you do he lied to you kayes. he jus wan you to help him to go against me. and tt i will haf no frens. i tel you this now...he is usin you. dun trust him too probably thinkin now tt i'm rubbish and you believe tt wad nigel said it right. it is NOT. all of you haf been ignoring me since den.... try to put urself in my shoes. imgaine the pain when all of you are doing this to me. if i had been doin black magic i wouldn't be like tt already. fine scold me dumb or stupid or anything. you will regret for trustin nigel one day. this happened to me b4.....fine you can trust him, but not too much i noe tat you've been tryin to get our condition better but its gettin worser and worser. and the worst thing of all you believe him tat i'm doin black magic. im not. i can do anythin to make you believe me. i'm realli innocent.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

haiss todaee gott alott off mixedd feelinns...i start with the sch for pe we wentt round the wholee sch...around the hdb flats too...i wasn'tt reallii tiredd i wonderr whyy...anywayys....NL muss b siaoxx....thinkk i doo blackk magicc on himm...nutss i dunn evenn noee how to do blackk magicc and itss illegal...denn i toldd NL tt i dunno blackk magicc...den he askk me to swearr...butt denn cannott swearr so i juss promisee lorrxz....denn he likee suii biann liddat...but i dunno himm larx...he hates me alott but the msges he sendd to me likee...aiyaa dunno how to sayy larrs...

denn afterr i foundd outt tt he accusedd mee for castinn blackk magicc onn himm....denn i think wynne believess himm....i feltt like endinn my life...i feltt veri sadd....can'tt take itt onee trustss me...wher aree all my tru frenns?.......

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

lolx. today mus b siao liaox. after sch we haf jie fu's class. it was funny but dumb. yep. den lata me meryl camilla kunzi chuan hui and sandy go take neoprint. alot right. haha heck la. yupp den wasted alot of money cuz take alot of times. haaa. hmm den tts bout it for today. yupps. oh yahh. the sci test. got class first or second. me so0 surprised. mcq all tikam one. section b all luan luan lai. hahaha. and i totally lost faith in bein frens with NL again. i hate you. this is real frm my heart. thanks to all those who tried to help me but failed. wynne eileen and meryl. thks so much. one last time....NL I HATE YOU! watch out dudex....those ppl tt i hate will suffer so badly...

Monday, February 14, 2005 alot of thing happen...first meryl gave me a soft toy....winnie the pooh the char, piglet....den elisa gave me a sweet....den esther gave a card....den woei jun gave sweets....yupps den after sch me ding qi meryl camilla zuoying elisa and woei jun went to heartland mall to take neoprints!! yupp den we went to give a name and saw timo there....den timo wan me a choose a present for............... yupp but in the end we went to ............ and .......... to buy the present. hahahas took a long time mann. den i wanted him to share with me to buy a present for my bro. bought him the book of high lords. his fave book. hahaahha okii den we went to the cd shop and he bought me avril's under my skin album....thanks mann you rawk! yupp tts all folks...till den taaa

Sunday, February 13, 2005

haiss....soo siann ytd i help my father go clean his shop up...yarr den i come home and slp...this few days i've been sleepin alot...cuz got headache...haisss....den today...go for the damn sissy teacher tuition...i hate it lors...dunno wad shit he talking about...yarr tts bout it today lors....byes

Thursday, February 10, 2005 i had fun.....wakakak me n my family....we went round geylang to post mails....den some of the blocks we force open the letter box....HAHAHAHA pro eh? thanks to me. hahA okies...hmmm cuz my dad opening a new massage shop den need workers wad. he openin on this tues. rawkks man....its sooo pretty!!!!hahahas wel pray tt he haf workers =)) tts all i suppose....

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

havent been updating for days. ahahahaha anyway yesterday i had sschool performance. haha. 1 integ and 1 sincerity we put up a song together. ok it sucked so badly. hahahah i went bback to hips and saw all my frens. den after tt me n cher went to mac for lunch...she waster sia. scary -_- oki tts bout it taaaa

Sunday, February 06, 2005

hah i knoe i havent been updating for sooo looong. yeah. anyways ytd i went to orchard with my mom and my cousin...sighh sooo sian. den i brought shoelaces for my sch shoes though its different =) den today....i went to eileen's house. meryl,nigel,camilla,darren n chee sheng was dere too. yupp u knoe wad tt means. hahaz. den sooo sad lata on i had to go to music class. so after tt i went back to eileen's house. they baked finish the muffin liao. it tasted great! yupps. den we playplayplay....den we went to take neoprints! but darren didn wanna take. we didn care much bout him later we went to buy bubble tea. tt chee sheng keep shootin the pearls around. wtf...but i manage to shoot one at him too... HAH ok den here i am typing this...tts all lars byes...

Friday, February 04, 2005 the teh-o keep screaming at my sissy den his pitch so lolx anyways....ytd ar....nothing much happen lors...yupp tts all for today...went to heartland mall with eileen and meryl. we took neoprint together...ahahahah! i cant scan it in oh oh well....i'll try somehow yeah? tts all byes

Wednesday, February 02, 2005 so tired man....oh yah ytd had to back for jie fu ang moh....aiya nothing much to talk bout him....he always gimme sweets one. hah. he testing eye contact den he say i stare at him....aiya no diff between stare and look la...hmmm today...after sch go to hydroponics farm...boo00ring lahs. nvr win any prize one. haiss...oh yah my grp members are meryl nigel n eugene. meryl is tt girl hu haf same same bday as me. -cheeRs!- and nigel n eugene...still can get along well with them la. yupps....den got free veg leh. ahahahah ok den after tt ehh me, meryl, camillia, nigel, chee sheng, darren went to eileen's house but b4 tt we went to cold storage spent over $40 or $40 on e spot? anyways ya after tt we went to eileen's house to party! ok den tts all here i am now....jus know tt nigel is styain in palm grove...*hpmh...he act like a poor guy* heh ok tata ****note: i forgot to add that ytd night i went for family dinner....farewell dinner to my aunt cuz she's leavin for canada..yupps almost my whole family lives abroad hahs. i gues tts all. ta