Saturday, May 30, 2009

Vello. I have a test on Monday but I just don't have the mood to study. I got my results back. And I'm practically failing everything. Haha. Ironically, chinese is my best subject now.

Awesome, no?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

& should I join floorball, or just continue to stay in archery? :(
Can't make up my mind.

With the teletubbies! Unfortunately, no group pic of the teletubbies :( Such a tiring day. We walked and walked and walked. Did our first station at the merlion. We travelled practically half the sentosa before going to our second station, by palawan beach. We spent a damn long time trying to solve that shitzx. In the end we did it lah. So we decided to go for our third station, entrance of Fort Silso, (something to do about leap years) we didnt get the answers right so we just decided to abandon the whole thing (we had to do 4 stations in total) and just chill. What a waste of time right. Anw, Andrea managed to get free tix to almost wherever attraction there is in Sentosa, so we wanted to spam like mad. But we spent such a loooooooooooong time in Underwater World, we were all tired and lazy after that.

Oh yeah. While we took the buses/trams around Sentosa, when Sara see groups of people walking(doing the maths trail too) instead of taking bus, he'll just laugh at them and point middle finger. And he did that to CN without realizing she's there until he'd done it. Haha.
While we were near one of the monorail stations, we saw this super chio car lah. But inside was a young guy and he looked at us as if we were pathetic -_____- i suppose this is get back for all the middle fingers that Sara pointed. Haha.

UNDERWATER WORLD: (sorry Amos you couldn't come! we really wished you were there :()
1. I touched a stingray. At first, I thought that it was rubbery like a dolphin. But no! It was DAMN slimy and ewwwww. When I touched it, I immediately drew my hand out of the water and screamed. LOL. So much for being spastic at the start. -.-

BIG fishies

For this next picture, tilt your head to the left. ITS AN EFFING OCTUPUS FITTED INTO A DENT HOLE ON THE WALL. Its more disgusting if you ever get to see it. The big lump is its head. Dont get confused by its reflection on the water.

Giant crabs. Really really giant. Tho it looks tiny in this pic.

These crabs are sooo tiny. They can sit in your hand. I just thought they were cute and looked soo fake, like a soft toy.

Spot the fish! Sorry i forgot what their called.. But they look like plants. The yellow thingy is the fish.

*blurb blurb* Jellyfish!

Chio pink jellyfish. The black dot is a person's head. I couldnt get close enough to get a good pic cos there were many kids there, hammering the glass and screaming in excitement, asking the jellyfishies to change colour. -.-

Tinky winky and Tipsy(or dipsy whatever ok?)

Lala and Tinky Winky!

Giant fishies.

Huge ass sharks.

Sara trying to flirt with a stingray.

DUGONG! When we visited this stupid dugong, it was feeding session. We waited sooo long but the person just kept feeding this blood fat dugong. Then I said 'let's take one more round. B the time we come back, it should be done feeding.'

SO, we made one more round around the aquarium.........................


and the person was still feeding the effing fatass dugong. -.-

We were on the way back to the butterfly park to return the free tix. Then I saw the 4D magix and I got damn excited, mainly cos the ambassador looked like Jack Sparrow. Heh. So we decided to watch it. It was not-say-very-entertaining, but the 3d effects and the moving chairs and airs and water made it exciting. Lol.

Went to Harbourfront Station to eat after that. The end :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm so terribly bored. So I decided to blog. I don't think anyone reads this anyway. I'm so busy I just don't have the time to blog la. And I have nothing to blog about.

Maths trail this sat. Can't wait. Going with Teletubbies!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I think birthdays become boring overtime.
It was such a disappointment, it left me speechless.
I'm sorry eunice.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

OCIP peeps

Pig face gummy

7 plates by 4 people

Spot the double rainbow!

Friday, May 01, 2009

BIRTHDAY WISHLIST 2009(in order of preference)
1)MONEH (first for every year. goes without saying)
2)BONIA WALLET(dun anyhow buy if u dunno is which one)
3)HEADPHONES(no inner ear for me. best choice:ipod headphones)
5)SPONGEBOB WATERBOTTLE(not too heavy pls.)
6)IPOD COVER(no donkey idea wads my ipod gen. 4th i think. nano)
7)BALLOON(just kidding)
#1 NO SOFT TOYS!(unless its dead cute/to die for/extremely huggable)
#5 I WANT CAKE!!!! PURE CHOC ONLY!(any wadeverberry and i'll kill you)
Pls contact my other frens wad you're going to buy(if you know each other). I dun wanna have the same presents.