Saturday, August 26, 2006

oh yeah, thn she'll go, look at her blog, see! people still hates me! YEAH RIGHT I STILL DO HATE YOU AND WHAT YOU TOLD MERYL? SHE TOLD MERYL, " OH, IM SO USED TO THE ATTENTION.' and she still dare say she's so lonely... *puke* if you ARE going to fall for her stupid tricks then so be it..

just another info.. she has LOTS of verisions about the rubber shooting event (she told 3 diff versions to 3 diff ppl) and that stupid guy call her DECENT. if she was DECENT was wldnt have let asfioafoih touch her ******! and then i found out she told another different thing to asjgh today. my gosh. she can be the NEW drama queen can. only blind ppl dont realise who you are, but just complie everything i said.. esp abt her telling diff versions of the stories. aaahah. rmb SHE told jemaine last yr she had LOTS of frns. hmmm i wonder.... thats obviously, another big, fat lie. rmb she said she only got xyz as a frn? just because she keeps sticking to her and REFUSE to approach the rest. and oh, i know you hate me already since last year. go ahead man. i'll see what happens to you nxt yr whn you enter a diff class frm xyz.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

look minghui, if you are dissatisfied, you can try google search and this is what ive found :

You were baptized Catholic, you still are one, you just don't practice it. Catholics ARE Christians, the other christian churches/creeds/faiths broke off, starting around 1400-1500ad, and are still splitting with alarming frequency. Catholics wrote the Bible, started Sunday worship, spread the Faith to the bulk of the world, and established a more or less peaceful way of life in Europe. The German princes, and Henry VIII, saw the new Protestant religions as a way to further there own politics, by making themselves the heads of their own regions local churches. This meant that all tithes, which had gone to the Church now went to them, while they seized all Catholic property in their areas.

There are many denominations, types of churches that would be classified "Christian," such as Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran and so on. But obviously there are members in each one who genuinely have a relationship with Christ, and those who don't.
So, the real issue isn't what church a person belongs to, but whether the person individually has Jesus Christ living inside of him or her...if they really have a personal relationship with God.

In the Gospel of John, we are told, "to all who received him [referring to Jesus], to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God."
Why do we have to become children of God? Because until then, God is distant. We may know he's there. We may know we are supposed to worship him. We may even know that in times of need, he's the one to pray to. But there is a distance we are aware of, and it is because of our sin.
Now, as long as we live and breathe, guess what, we're going to sin. We're going to do things our way instead of God's way. But our sin need not remain a barrier between us and God.
Here's how.
The Bible says that there is a penalty for sin, and it might be greater than you'd expect. The penalty for sin is death. It's not just the penalty for sins like murder. It's God's judgment against any and all sins. The Bible says, "For the wages of sin is death..."
So that we would not have to die eternally separated from God because of our sin, Jesus died in our place. He fully paid for our sin. And offers us complete forgiveness. Not temporary forgiveness. Even for the sins we will commit in the future, we can have his forgiveness now, because Jesus died for all of our sin. We can immediately begin a close, personal relationship with him, that barrier of sin being gone. It isn't that we become perfect and no longer sin. But we become forgiven when we see that Jesus died for our sin, in our place.
"Yet now God in his gracious kindness declares us not guilty. He has done this through Christ Jesus, who has freed us by taking away our sins. For God sent Jesus to take the punishment for our sins and to satisfy God's anger against us. We are made right with God when we believe that Jesus shed his blood, sacrificing his life for us."
When we receive Jesus Christ into our lives, God declares us "not guilty" and he says that we are now "made right with God." Our relationship with God has begun in a real way, where we no longer know God is "out there," but instead we know that he lives inside of us. We have God's forgiveness, a relationship with him. "For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."

Christianity simply means that you believe that Jesus is the savior. Catholicism was the original Christianity. The people who protested the teachings, known as protestants, seperated from the catholic church. Now there are many different Christian religions. They all believe in different things, but they all have a common belief in christ.

if you still are dissatisfied with the answers, you may look up yahoo/google search. i'm sure it'll leave you speechless. the important parts are bold, the more important ones are in red. i'm dropping this matter for now.

to move on, this )%*^W$ girl wnt on bragging and bragging today - just because a guy likes her. and heeeello? guess what. she dno say wht shit, nw the guy thinks that wynne is ruthless and blahblah. and the guy ACTUALLY believe someone like HER and it affected wynne alot. ANDAND, she said WE ( the people arnd her ) are BULLIES towards her. DAMN YOU ASS DO YOU KNOW WHATS IS THE MEANING OF BULLY? ( OH IM SO SURE WJ CAN GIVE YOU THE MEANING OF BULLY )

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

first thing whn wynne saw me in sch, she put her arms arnd my waist and said," why didnt you call me back ytd?! i miss you so much you know?" so i was like eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. hahahah. so funny can. thn ltr aft assemly she saw mr steven tan walking. den she said, the way he walk so holy man. HAHAH. damn funny can. well sposed to be more but i cld only rmb this 2 things. hahah.
i was shocked to find out tht @#^#%& lost her V. plus, its someone frm our class. well, its a rumour lah but chances of it being fake is 50 50. hopefully it isnt true, cause if i sit beside her ( even if i get to) i think i'll be like .................... :X like wth lah. aft sch got the stupid survey test. then take so long to do la. the com load like shit , so slow. thn we're late for bowling. ahhh sooo sorry! :XXX wasnt on purpose. today was okay i guess. heard frm yihan another rumour that gives me the creeps. abt jackass. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *faints.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

created a new bloggie :DD dno whether to delete this ornot. i hate ppl who read my blog and then keep their blog as secrets. so to be fair, i have to do this right? hah. i spent countless of hours doing that blog (2-3hrs)? and i must say, i still find this blog nicer. lolol. its gna be hard maintaining 2 blogs at once, but most likely im gonna update that one more. those who wanna know the blog, pls ask me (: in sch, msn. blahblah etcetc. :D

aft lesson i stayed to practice awhile, dn near to 3 tht time, a tcr came in and said she had to use the studio. den she ask me to go back to my tcr. hw rude! wth lah. anywy so ya. my tcr have confidence that i will pass. zzz. but so happy lar. completed all my songs :D now to work on the chords. sian. have to memorize so many. but i wanna pass! lolol.
take a look at this ( for ppl who dont go my class blog ) -
i designed the picture! otherwise, known as the mast head, but i dont get much credits T.T well, it was supposed to be black and white and the brush strokes were supposed to be colorful. but it doesnt work on orange bg for the pic. ( minghui insisted on orange! ) well there you go, i've got much nicer designs, but minghui insisted on the orangey one. i'll post some if i can, cause its stored in the laptop and im using the main com now. gtg for music lesson! taa :DD

Saturday, August 19, 2006

stayed up all the way till midnight just to wish him happy bday. got no thanks in return! i hesitated to send him like hell and this is all i got -.- anywy, heck this alrdy. bowling! :DD well actually i had no mood to bowl so yeah. it was so funny lar. the retardo came to our lane ( julian bullied him!) and the mr ronald wong also. hahah. then julian keep bullying him lahs. thn the teacher keep asking him to stop. lol. like, wth. the retardo bowl until damn funny. lolol. can fall down one. bt they all say very fake. hahah. wth lah. my skills are dropping badly -.- anywy, on they way back to sch, i was sooo pissed by msteo. i was trying to tell her tht only my class don have cip for next week, and all she did she ignore and diao me. wth lah! hate that teacher now. i trie to tell her thousands of times! @$#^%$*(&^(^( pfft.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

grr. english was the first lesson. i guess it was preeetty alright. and pe was HAHAHAHAH. i don have to do the 5 stations agn, cause i completed all. so it was practically a free peeeriod! :D reccess stinked, cause im eating spaghetti 3 times in a week (is it?!) lolol. wnt back to class then comes mr ong's boooooooooring lesson. well, actually it wasnt very boring cause he knows whne his students are bored. lol. so he made us do grp work. i like grp work during lessons! the tcr wont nagnagnagnag and nag. and then came the terror - angcy. AHHH! well he wanted to call my parents! cause i frm like 60+ drop to 40 ! so i was like noooooooooooooooo! trust me, if he does that, he'll regret cause the nxt day you'll see me in sch - with cane marks all over. im serious! and then i'll have strict curfews and yadayada. hate him :X! music - i had to borrow madeline's music book and recorder which is like EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. she said the recorder was brand new, but all my frns didnt believe. so i opened it up and smelled it. EEEYUCK. it reeked of... I DONT KNOW! i borrowed theROCK's recorder in the end. lololol. aft music lesson, i wnt to toilet to wash my hands - WITH LOTS OF SOAP! who knows the book and recorder might be infected. hahahahaah. aft sch me and yh sent wynne off. thn we wnt to the coffeeshop to eat. i ordered chicken rice, obviously. so whn the uncle placed the plate infront of me, i just stared at the plate! THE RICE WAS SOOO LITTLE! so he asked (in chinese): is the rice enough for you? so i was like: uhh.. no... so he gave me more for (YES FOR FREEEEEEEEEE!) yh said that the uncle see me too skinny don expect me to eat too much. lol. i can eat alot okay! anyway, back to the topic. aft i placed my tray and stuffs down, i wasfondling with my fingers while waiting for yh to come back. then the chicken rice uncle ame over to me. he said: you make until your hand ar?(i know its broken, trnslate into chinese and you'll know wht i mean.) den i said: huh? no. so he's like, oh ok. den he went back to his stall. hahah. wnt back to sch with a gulp, watched mh show off his guitar skills, i've got experience too! : DD but i only hate the chords part. wnt hm with tj, and yh. i was locked outside the hse for 1h15min! i forgot to bring the damn hse key. see hw long i had to wait whn my bro came home! i was obviously flaring up lah. pfft.pissy. MATHILDA'S OUT! SINGAPORE IDOL DOES NOT GET MY VOTE, PPL ONLY VOTE FOR LOOKS. BY RIGHT, JOAKIM AND JASMINE CANT SING AT ALL, SO THOSE 2 SHLD BE OUT! WHAT THE HECK IS SINGAPORE THINKING?! THERE'S NO MORE USE WATCHING S.I ANYMORE!


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

sometimes i really do wonder.
why do people actually insult others just because they affronted them?
look, i'm not saying this just because of whats happening in our class.
but, doesnt it occur everywhere?
sure, everyone would want a sweet revenge.
revenge. what can you gain from it?
maybe just saving your face and reputation.
i guess.
i hate to get into quarrels.
thats why im good with everyone.
even if i dislike someone,
well you dont have to say it infront of the person right?
like, hurling abuses? or just simply critisizing for how that person looks.
crap, i know by saying this i'm making more enemies.
and i do know there are alot of people who dislike me. (you'd probably be thinking, yeah right, i'm glad you know this.)
like i said,
words cant bring me down.
or maybe it can.
i dont want to be known as some stuck up bitch etcetc.
i just want to be simple. why is it so hard to be simple?
friends.. are they just for showing off, or are they really true friends?
honestly, if you ask me what i think, this is what i think: so far, i dont think there's anyone in our class true to each other. (i know im getting MORE people to hate me.)
but if you really do think, there is a difference between good friends and best friends.
good friends are just for showing off in school. you dont contact during weekends, you dont go out together unless people call you to, you're just like a loner at home. when you are in your darkest moments, nobody's ever there for you, no one can sense whats wrong with you.
best friends are everything. they mean the world to you. you share your deepest, darkest secrets with them. pouring all your troubles/problems for them. they would always be there when you need a shoulder to lean on, spending weekends together, probably laughing your arse off a comedy film. or something like that.
how many times, when you say friends forever, and you actually mean it? since sec1, i have heard alot of friends forever, but most people have already broken off, even declaring war. i know who hates who and blah. i do dislike some ppl from the class. promise breakers and blahblah etcetc. i do wish to scold her here but sometimes you just gotta put yrself in other ppl's shoe. how will they feel? do you think they'll feel GREAT, when you've just insulted them? i'm sure no one does. hate me if you must. i'm speaking facts. and i know alot of people do hate me, for my attitude and blah. i've already tried very hard to please people (i dont suck up, sorry. just to being nice to people, i dont like having foes.) sometimes maybe ending it all is the best. not that i cant handle too much stress. its just... no one cares.
i just wna push the ugly pics down, so i think i btr update alot. lol. anyway, school was as boring as usual. zzz. wnt dwn to eat during free period. no ppl one. : DD lols. den my bro say dno what shit his frn come look fr me aft sch to borrow $$. okay. fine. aft sch wnt to 7-11 with yihan and zy. wnt to the one outside our sch. no more pizzabar! then we had to walk to the super far one!! totally like wth -.= we bought finish all the pizzas there. totaly only got 5 lah. but the rest all veggie one. 4 slurpies (yes, thats ALOT!)and 2 burgers. its meant for 7 ppl, including mee xD walked all the way back to sc. wah damn tiring can. anyway, while walking back, zy wnt to her mom shop for a freee tomyam soup. den wnt back to hougang plaza's 7-11 to buy my coffee bread : DD its damn nice okay. back to class and blahblahblah. too lazy to write out. passed the money then wnt to hougang mall. saw zoe tay filiming something. she looks so.. 'angmoh-ish' with that mushroom haircut. lol. i didnt know it was her at first until they told me -_-; back to here blogging zzz. (:

reading yr post just make me go LOL. words cant bring me down no matter how hurtful it is. you aint that good yrself either. i nv said i was great, you said it yrself D: lolol. piss be with you. i hate enemies honestly. im opening my blog to public cause i'll be changing link real soon. (:

Monday, August 14, 2006

im feeling flabbergasted(thats to mh for the word)!
why? to put it simply, i've pretty much forgotten this @^%$&%^(&*)&*#%!@ guy.
why so easy? well, apparently, big thanks to my bro, and of course, eleanor. but my bro didnt know what state i was in. he told me the secs3s remembered him as:
still got more, but bad points.
there was once he fell down the sch's runway. but the sec3s, rmbed him ROLLING down the runway! HAHAHAHAH. omg. for the first time i AM glad that its over between us. save my own face lolol. im mean mean mean! : DD
now i know why eleanor pity the girls that likes him.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

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mryeo, dinner!
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sorry, my cam dont work good in night mode. hope hope you enjoyed it! :DD stupid tree. yes i know. ((:
p.s i know its not good, go to class blog to see the pics bigger.
fireworks yesterday! whee :DDD
wnt with sandy, kris, eli, zy,chuan hui, darren, alvin and MRYEO!
hahahah. france is SUPERB! :D
okayokay, i shall start frm the very beginning.
wnt with mom to temple. den she went to visit her frns.
in a salon. lol. *chinatown*
den tj msged me. told me kris and sandy were lookin fr me.
den i was like huh? i msged sandy so many times she din reply me.
so okok. i called kris.
wnt to meet them at ps.
walked arnd.
den we had the BALLS. i forgot whts it called. but i like!
met the rest. wnt to this jap rest. to eat.
mryeo came.
den left fr fireworks.
lots and lots of ppl.
2 stupid trees were blocking the view.
stupid babies and thir dad's back also.
butbut, still can see abit lah.
nicenicenice :DD
so many ppl screaming.
lots and lots of couples also.
turn here and there sure at least see 1 or 2.
den aft the fireworks finished,
we waite for the crowd to ease abit. den we walked to raffles.
eli, zy and chuan hui left us. they wnt to find sm frns lah.
kristle wnt home herself.
me, sandy and darren waited outside. while mryeo and alvin, YES ALVIN! sent her off. aww.
den we wanted to walk to clark quay. but my feet were killing me. iw as supposed to go hm bfr i met them, but my mom just kept talking! my hair was in a mess. and i was supposed to wear shoes! but. nvm. zzz. mr yeo said raffles btr thn clark. so took mrt home lahs.

Friday, August 11, 2006

din gt the wire fr art today. poned with wynne. :D nxt was maths. i totally understand evrything but whn it comes to exams im like ?! ._.; science.. was NOT as boring as usual cause we wnt to the labbie! (((: burining things and blahblah. i liked iodine and magnesium. iodine burn alrdy become purple. wah. damnchio can. magnesium still got white sparks. it reminded me of sparkles. hahah. so long nv play alrdy can. lit - i thought it would be a fun interesting lesson. but hey, it wasnt that bad. but a lil bit too boring.

aft sch.//
me, wj, zy, eli, cami (she just watched) and dno who else. sry if i left yr name out. we did the unthinkable :DD *winks.
well its a seeecret ((: but its something you all sure wont expect us to do.
gosh, i swear im changing. for the worse. maybe?
i wldnt have done the unthinkable if i was still me last time.
evil? maybe.
notorious? definetely.
im changing for a cause. for smth. not to attract ppl's attntion, but just smth.
bowling -
today was craaaaaaaaaaaaap.
anyway, whn we were coming back to sch, we saw madeline and dno what guy HOLDING HANDS outside th sch! OMFGOMFGOMFGOMFG. i HATE madeline. its like, she use her hands to wipe off her disgusting mucus den.. HOLD HER STEAD'S HAND!? HAHAHAH
the whole bus was screaming. so funny lah. she still can wav back at us. pls lah. also no one wave at you. well obviously i was like :
its true. HAHAH.
still cant get the sight out of my head! HAHAHAHAH.
evil's growing in me. >:DD

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

thats whn promises are broken.//
click to see original size photo.
you wont be disappointed i swear.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

back to blogging - :DD
national day celebrations today. whn i woke up my entire body was aching like ?!^? i didnt know why lars. anywy, wnt to sch with a horrible haircut. it looks disastrous! like a guy! -.- omg. go sch also so embarrassing. but one thing i had to agree on everyone's post - the live telecast SUCKED. see what shit, sound also like shit. wth lah. i still was wondering why i was aching all over whn meryl suddenly asked me, is yr body aching? so i said, yah, why ar? she replied, 5 items yesterday lah -_-. and i was like ooh! i totally forgot. anywy quite disappointed with shuttle run and situps. last time i run 10secs, now like shit. sit ups last time can do close to 50, now only 36 (thanks to yh, its actually less than tht.) wthwthwth T.T
anyway, co was great, i have to say this cause i know jemaine will read it :p its great!
i got a shock whn i was dance. the number has doubled! but still, thrs still some ppl i dont like frm dance. it was okaay i guess? lololol. wynne performed solo today! poor girl she cried ): (wait, i dont think i was supposed to say this out.) oops.
just a feeling of regret everytime i see band playing. like on sandy's posts too. i quit mainly fr 2 reasons, too stressed (i heard the punishments are nt tht heavy now, seniors [ i only dont like jackson! he keeps laughing whnevr i play -_-]) and the other reason is private. but fr the second reason? seems lie its wasted. gone dwn the drain. i shld have known. i have no considerations to join back band. i think everyone hates me thr alrdy lah. i still missed my f horn T_T. awywy, back to post.
chee hock was acting all retarded and blah. singing with a girl's voice for the songs. so funny lah. me and glynis kept laughing like mad. lol. but he copy cheese one. >< i know some chior ppl's reading this, so once agn, i have to say chior's good. lol. :D
aft sch wnt to orchard with wynne and hy.
bought tix for my super ex gf.
den we got like.. 3 hrs to spend aft eating lunch. sat bus 143 to jurong. supposed to alight at jurong int. but then we alighted at west coast. den sit back. nth to do. lol. den reach back still gt 1 hr to spend. walk to heeren, den whn we reach top floor, den we walked back to cine agn. lol. so boliao can.
anwy the movie's hilarious, except it talks alot about sex. i recommend cheehock this movie, and seriously i dno why they didnt rate it as nc16. lolol. den wnt back to hougang. wnt to play swings near hy's hse. den wynne left. den donkey started asking me some shitty stuffs. din know how to reply lahs. stupid. den he wnt to meet telicia and then i went to have dinner.
ohwell. x))

Monday, August 07, 2006

or maybe i'd wait. even if it takes a lifetime.
i havent forgotten those words i wrote.
i dont wna be called a liar and a promise breaker.

although it is impossible to get back together...
i know we never will...
still, i'd wait till the end of time,
even when you've evolved into a monster now.
i dont know who you are,
but i'll keep the promise till eternity.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

i could only utter in horror when i last saw those post.
it didnt cross my mind how bad the way i treated you last time.
but i've gotten my feelings right now,
i choose to give up.
the words his brother said were still ringing in my mind.
it seemed too good to be true.
but it turned out to be untrue.

thats when her dreams were DASHED.

thanks wynne for helping me out all this time..

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

i hate to see couples fighting and breaking up -
it reminds me of the past.
which kinda forces me to think and reflect, where i'd gone wrong and etc.
and then i'll tell my story.
but at the most they'll just go, oh really so sad ar?
but, if this was god wanted,
i cant change it.
sometimes, i just got to accept the fact that
this IS reality.
no matter how hard,
how painful,
how depressing,
its all god's planning.
im not getting all emo but..
it even hurts me just to see eileen and chiaseng quarrel.
but thankfully they're okay now :DD
i know he's already found someone right fr him.
take care of yrself and,
god bless and goodbye.
i'll be here whnevr you need me.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

i've finally managed to track the things down i want now.
anyway, im changing my link soon. cause there's still some unwanted ppl on my blog. you know who you are.
brr is is getting so, so pissy.
and i couldnt believe ms EJ is like.. betraying me all the while? saying i always leave her alone and what crap shit.
and then she goes googoogaagaa over a person which SHE KNOWS I DISLIKE BEHIND MY BACK.
and there's been some copying of stuffs. im not saying what though.
cause ms EJ claims that i make things too obvious.
it seems like you can HARDLY find any trust in yr frens, cause most of them are just SUCKING UP. its true, isnt it?
most of the ppl suck up to other ppl, who obviously think their cool.
even if you copy them from top to toe, you're NOT yrself and definetely not who you are.
like a devil in princess clothes.
this time, im keeping my url a secret. too much's been going around the class. too much.
and i coudlt believe they trusted msEJ more than me!
but anyway, this doesnt concern our class, so dont wry.

life's a BITCH.
i hate the sucking ups.