Monday, June 20, 2005

IM BACK.yay!okayokay. time to update. only rmb some of the stuff. cant blame me. too tired to note down. heeees =)
day 1.
reached to airport at 9 plus.when me n my mom went to the boarding area, there was free internet access! but both coms are taken. pity pity. after we boarded the plane, the stewardess served me lunch first cuz im a CHILD ^-^. it was the first time i ever finished my lunch in the plane. haha. cept the mushroom of cuz. arrived chengdu at 4+. met our guide and blah blah. went to have dinner at 6+. it was HORRIBLE. everyone at the table was complaining. den lata we went to the hotel. we slept in the villa*cuz there were not enough rooms.the rest slept normal rooms.wahahaha. it costed 9999rmb per night actually. but the guide settled everything cuz we already paid the money. in singapore.
end of day 1.
okayys i cant rmb where we went for the rest of the days.but anyways. i'll update what i rmb. we went to see many lakes in the mountains and obviously the scenary was breathtaking. i rmb there was one day when we sat in the coach for about 12 hours. yeahh. but the hotel was VERY VERY VERY nice. 5star i suppose. we den went to watch a show. oh yeah the hotel is VERY big and haf alot of diff buidlings. the show was pretty nice. another day we went to see a show that a person's mask can change even before u blink ur eye. it was fascinating!den one day we went to look at the pandas. yeah it STINKED but was so damn cute! they're so lazy. hahaha. bought 2 cute pandas. oh yes! forgot to say that the tour was spilt into 3 groups, a , b and c. im in b. the last 2 days we went shopping. haha. bought a pink and black shoe and an adidas shoe. but obviously fake. not very nice either. the trip wasnt very memorable... there were to accidents that nearly caused a person's life...
first accident.
there was this day when we had to sit another bus to go up the hill. half of bus B ppl had to go to another bus.i didnt change to that other bus. the whole group C ppl came over. * 22 of them. the whole family. okay. im skipping this part. when we finished lunch, i heard that the old man from my group, *he's also sitting in the same bus as me. fell down the stairs and our tuor guide sent him to the hospital. i dunno how's he now but everyone loved him. he loves to joke. den after we came down from the mountain, the C group went away first. they left the half of group B there, lost. i was there too. the C group tour guide didnt seem to care bout us even though our coach was gone until dunno where. den quarrel loh. everyone hated her. den our coach came to pick us up. the other half like what the heck is going on??*i'll continue later, revenge is SWEET.the next day our tour guide told us that the old man's knee bone went the other way round. he was sent back to singapore immediately. never heard of him again. but hopefully he's fine. another day we went to spa. i couldnt swim or anything, sadd. girls shlod noe why. hoho. this hotel is VERY nice too. made of glass. oh yes. bout the revenge. the C group consist of a whole family, 22 ppl. den the last forth day the C group ppl quarrelled with their tour guide. **the girl who doesnt care bout us. cuz their rooms are not on the same level. yeahh. i heard that she was fired and they changed tour guide. hahaha! yayy...
second accident.
we were leaving chengdu... in the aeroplane.. i slept... den around 3plus am i was awokened by the announcement of the air stewardess... someone needed a doctor... lack of oxygen.. that person was from my group.. the 6 family ppl... had 2 boys...i tot it was the fatter one.. but i was wrong... i didnt believed it until the man who was sitting behind me came to tell me that it was the taller guy...i was speechless... he was a good guy... never seen him complaining bout anything... always laughing...quite handsome too... but before the man behind me came back i heard his mother screaming his name twice... i already knew his name but i still didnt believe.. i saw his mother praying...about 3 to 4 ppl were surrounding him so i couldnt get a clear view... i was speechless... i cant do anything... den i look around me and saw that everyone was praying... those font feww seats were ppl from my bus... he was in row 6 and i was in row 3... i started praying too... i think his mother screamed cuz he closed his eyes... i suddenly felt like crying... but he was fine after sometime... i overheard that he had an asthma attck... den i rmbed that he had help to load the first few luggages for checking... alot of ppl though of that too... but good thing he was fine... but he look so exhausted... i was so worried that i had no appetite to eat the food that the stewardess served us.. i kept turning around to make sure he was fine of cuz.. our eyes met most of the time but i was the one who turned away first.. when the plane landed alot of ppl was blocking my view so i thought i'll meet him again at the luggage so i took my stuff and leave first. at the customs i still didnt see him... after i took my luggage and said goodbye to some ppl i didnt see him either... after i got ready to go in the car i still didnt see him... after i left the airport i still didnt see him... jus wanted to tell him to tk care... den one of the teachers * there were 6 teachers on the tour. * told me that he saw the boy on a wheelchair... hopefully he is fine by now... hopefully....

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