Sunday, July 24, 2005

had BAND today. rawkk biggie! me von and rowen sat taxi to sch cuz we thought that we were late. but in the end we were the first few! ahahas. den band started and blah blah. me and some ppl i forgot who sat ms lini's car to edgefield pri sch. cuz it was raining. hahahs. den we went for the dry walk.. sian... den after that we went to the canteen for some light lunch. den we started twisting balloons. heh heh. i was pretty afrid so i asked yvonne to help me to do. haha pro hors. after twisting the balloon we went for the parade. it rocked! band rawks forever. hahas. den we walked back to school. assembled in music room. den went home. von's dad fetch me! hahas. so kind. thats it!

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