Thursday, October 20, 2005


OMG. i went to east coast to have dinner ytd. me and my bro wnt to the beach and played for awhile. wen i came home i called wynne. she told me what mehmeh said. the tears just came. im so tired. so tired of everything. i regretted writing that on the sand. dont ask me what i wrote, im not gonna say. im just waiting for the hige tide to wash it away.

PFF. today damn sian. today chinese lesson wnt out to play. den the chinese tcr asked our names frm chee sheng. im damnpissed with her she's a total bullshit. got back my dnt results! a2! omfg- i cant believe it man! i got 3 a2s now! and one of them is chinese = =!!! oh well. i'm glad that they had a new start. what about us? i dont think its possible anymore........


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