Monday, February 27, 2006

we're drifting further apart,
it just hurts my heart.
i couldnt do anything,
i could only stand there and watch.
im suffering,
so are my grades.
where are you.
i've missed the old you so much.
maybe i should just stand aside,
or i should tell you whats wrong.
you'll nvr understand,
how sad i am.
fake smiles during the day,
tears for you at night.
u nvr knew.
and you'll nvr noe
how much i love you.

when i try to be nice,
all i get is SHUTUP.
i have lost interest in living,
there's no point carrying on anymore.
i try to be nice to my frens,
but they hate me more.
the day on sch misson,
they asked wht u wanted to give up.
the first thing that came into my mind,
this sucky life of mine which i cant get anything right.
i havent felt so depressed since lst yr.
it's a horrendous feeling,
watching everyone smiling with frens
just pain me more.
i had enough, enough of everything.
dont force urself to say
you like me if you dont.
i despise hypocrites.

im sure i was nvr a psrt of you.
yes, i accused you, but you denied.
im sure it happened anyways.
im sorry if i was mistaken then.
no matter or the good or bad.
the word DEATH.
it really scares me to death.
im afraid of it, im afraid of pain,
but i'd rather not face reality.
the future.
couples zivorcing each other.
after they marry each other,
things start to go wrong.
its hard to find someone so loyal, so faithful.
if u manage to find someone like that,
its one in a million.
i THINK my dad's cheating on me mom.
no, he doesnt have a mistress.
if he does, i'll hate him forever.
its something else.
i'd rather shut up about it than
have a brokened family.
my bro's followed his footsteps.
they think i dont noe,
but i do.
its hard to find someone who
doesnt watch all these obsence videos.
i noe he doesnt watch it,
i trust him.
but there's no guarantee that
he wouldnt start craving for more
after marrying.
you'll nvr noe.

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