Friday, August 08, 2008

I so wna blog abt wht happend this morning. Makes me feel pissed. But I have other things I wna write first.
Played Rak. Finally after such a loooong time. Go in first room, play less than 20 mins, kenna kick. Sign onto another acc, join same room also kenna kick.
I v lag meh? Or too pro for them alr. Make my blood boil sia.
Anw, abt the performance this morning. When the performance all finish thn thr's this Sec 1 dance girl who walked back t her class. (which was beside mine) and she went like 'YOYOYO!'
Walk & act until damn cool & big also.
Thn, the dog show. I saw her aa agn. Can't stand it sia. Luckily Diana also mentioned abt her. She still take the big dog arnd, thn keep screaming. Totally wth. If she can't handle them thn she should just stop walking the dog. She held onto the dog for super long and was screaming her head off. She caught me looking at her in disgust but just continued to aa.
Thn, when I was going home, I saw ANOTHER dance girl (sec 3 I think, was with guys wearing long pants) and guess what was she doing. But before that, I would like to remind you that there were quite a number of people on the train.
She was..............
Marching on the spot on the train. WTF?!?!!!?!?!?!! & she was looking at her own reflection at th door.
I so wanted to disappear through the ground. Good thing she isnt wearing sch u, cos she'd be a total disgrace.
Dont get me wrong. I love the Sec4 dancers.
But I cant stand the new dancers (okay, some only), they go arnd with a "LOOK AT ME!! IM FROM MODERN DANCE!!!" face.
Thanks Fabian for the cookies and roti prata. (((((((:

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