Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm finally blogging properly!! Hehe. (cosmydaddeletedallmygames)
Anw, my mom went to paris on the i-cant-rmb-when-but-somewhere-in-mid-dec and I'm left alone in the house with 2 guys. At first I thought that they would leave all the chores to me but in fact, I'm treated like a princess. LOL.

Haven't touched any chores until now yet :p Me mom ish comin back anw!! Cannot wait!! Her flight on the 31 Jan.. Takes about 1 day to fly back cos she's in Canada now.
So, me wents to Far East Plaza with my one-and-only-bf :) ytd.
There got shoe sales, like 9,90 or 15.90 per pair only lor!! So cheap, but I didn't buy anything.
*itchy fingers* Don't feel good not buying anything :(

Then went to bbq!! Kz didn't like the food there and I was quite hungry after it ended. Lol.

Update again soon (hopefully)

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