Wednesday, March 29, 2006

gah. just came back frm school. really pissed of now. so maybe i'd let off abit of steam here. our 'irresponsible' leader. she's SO 'kind' and actually ditched us for the more popular group! are they popular? no, i dont think so. no offence. u wrote about minghui didnt you? own up, we've got prove against you. you lie, u want to get sympathy from others and they side you. we're not lying, we saw it with our own eyes. creating a silly frenster account for us? u name us all prince and princesses but not yourself. you're so thicked skin. dare to do but dont dare to own up. obviously that post is not in ur blog cuz you deleted that post. too afraid isnt it? i dont care if u read this now, complain to your "BESTIES" for all i care. they can only help you to talk bad about us but are they willing to take any action? you filthy traitor.

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