Monday, March 06, 2006

im REALLY PISSED now. pis me off and i'll bite ur head off =) i need at least a few hours to calm down!
you dont wan me to go ur hse den say lar. u always make me wait for nothing den go off on ur own. obviously ppl wait cuz they have a reason right? even i'm starting to get a little pissed by it already.
lessons were as usually boring today, except for history! im starting to love that subject. though i cant be bothered to memorize everything. i love mr maran! his lessons are very interesting! hahas. i ddint noe so much about ww1.. or was it ww2? errr.. oh well =
my frens say that she loves him but he doesnt. she wants to prove them wrong but she's got no evedince if he carries on like that. i guess the happy moments have already faded away in his mind.......

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