Monday, July 07, 2008

When I was walking to tuition, I almost got banged down by a van. I shouldnt have walked back. =.= Its funny how me and Wynne share the same sentiments. Moreover, our situation is EXACTLY the same, just that she knew tht she was the third party. AND AND AND, the 2 girls said EXACTLY the same words when they tried to 'console' us.

Fishy, fishy.

Maybe, maybe not.

Plus, we both have the same wish to get knocked down by a car.

Eh, just came back from tuition. Ezra asked for my no, didnt know how to reject=.= *prepares to get irritated to death*

Walked with him till mrt, saw choon hoe(ex). Called him but no answer.


Okay, I wna chiong my a & e maths assignment now. I need things to keep my mind off some stuffs.

This is hell.

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