Saturday, July 05, 2008

Not exactly a new blog but, I just wanna say thanks to these people:

Camilla (for listening when I needed you)
Shannon (for rushing down when I needed you right after everything happened, thus making you miss your gym lesson :P)
Gothic (for being there for me when I was down, giving me unending support)
Gala (for listening to all my bullshit and craps about guys)
Wynne (for helping me get all the info that i needed)
Samuel (for being such a nice bobo)
El (for willing to listen and helping me find a way out)

and to all the other people who helped (there's loads, honestly),

If not, I wouldn't be able to tide through this matter by myself. Thank you for consoling & advising me through these few weeks. Most importantly, giving me all the support that I needed, especially the decisions that I chose to made.

You guys are awesome.

I believe that time will do all the neccesary things for me, so I'm fine now, really.
Bcos so far, retribution has never failed me once.

Anyhow, new blog (a new blog, a new start, cant believe I ditched my 2 years cbox for a new one, but heck.)! :D Well, not exactly new. Heh. I hate the posts below. I wanna drown it allllllll!!!

Btw, I designed the picture (except for the colourful background) I spent a SUPER long time on it (not more than an hour prolly), just to find out that another skin that I intended to use for this blog screwed up (the codes, not my picture!) , I was hopping mad after I found out the codes were screwed=.=

Butbut, I still managed to save the picture on this blog! Although its a little small. HEHEHEHEHEH.

Will blog again soon!

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