Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hola! Woke up pretty early today. Thanks to mom=.= About 9-10am & the rain was so damn shiok!

Anyways, went to see doc after breakfast for the pain in my sides. I didnt know burping was a problem related to bloated stomach ._. I even had to eat meds to stop my burping? Lol? I think my friends will love the doctor very much. Heh.

Went to Kovan after that. Tried to look for my prom stuffs, but....


Then we went to Toa Payoh so mum can alter one of my dresses for me :) After that, we shopped at OG. I brought my dress and heels from there. I spent like 2189472189370123 hours trying to decide which dress I wanted, cos both looked really nice and i loved both :( The more sexpensive one costed $139 (OMFG) and it was a lacy dress (its silk inside). Damn :( didn't buy that one in the end..

Thats all.

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