Thursday, November 20, 2008


Helloooo everyone. Not Bibi here posting, she asked me to post for her tod the way.ay.Fabian here by the way.
For those of you who don't know me... I'm her boyfriend! yay :D

Okay, so today we went to Pulau ubin. Met at Kallang earlyyyy in the morning at 9+. Blah and blah, we were supposed to take Bus 2 to Changi Village but then the bus ride would've took an hour+... So we went to Tampines and took the bus to Changi village. Okkkkk so when we were finally at Pulau Ubin after the 10 min boat ride, i took them to my favourite bicycle shop.

Rented bikes.. The bikes kind of failed me.. badly. And baby got a reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy low bike. Like kid one :P FORGIVE ME.

So we cycle cycle... intended to cycle to the beach but kept changing our minds. So we cycled to the Chief's house and then went back to change baby's bike cos her brakes were.... failed.

Then lazy us, we went to eat after I changed my bike for a second time cos I had a flat. Choose choose choose, we ended up eating seafood stuff. Fried squid.. Sweet n sour pork.. Youtiao + some fish cake like thingy.. Baby kai lan chao hao you. 3 rice, 1 coconut ( for baby ), and 4 cokes. Shared between 3 people. Costed us $37.50.. :( My wallet will run flat too if this carries on lol.

So we went to cycle abit more.. Went to this beach near the police post. Saw the other 3 SAS guys we saw on the boat. Sec5.
I SWEAR THEY WERE STUPID OR SOMETHING. The indian guy tried to fish with a whole prawn, prolly 5-6cm in length LOL. WTF is he trying to fish man! Seabass? xD

After that we went to play with skipping rocks.. then washed our feet( baby was doing acrobatics in the toilet :P ). Ok lah so was I. After that we returned our bikes.. And went to drink 3 more cans of coke.. Sigh, supposed to lose weight now this trip seems to +weight.

Went back to mainland Singapore. Took the bus back to Tampines and went to Century Square to walk walk, baby wanted to buy a present for her brother. It's her brother's birthday today and she didn't realise it until 12.30am. >_>

She bought... something. I don't know if she will upload the picture. But its an eyemask or whatever its called. It says Leave Me Alone on the mask XD.

Saw many cutsey stuff.. lol. Ok after that we took 23 back to her house.. then I went home. Shall save anything else for her to publish. The end :D

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