Saturday, April 04, 2009

Yesterday was really a great day for me. Thought we didn't do much, it felt really good to be finally away from my pile of work. Anw, it was Ah Teck's bday ytd. The people who went:
Eunice 1
Eunice 2
Jia Hui
Ah Teck
After my chem prac, I chionged home immediately, took a shower and went out. Super woman eh? I was feelings so crazily tired. Bleh. If there's even such a word. I didn't regret though, it was really fun.
First, we went to PS to catch a movie. Confessions of a shopaholic. Really great romance movie. At first it was really sad lah. But you know, sad movies always have a happy ending. Haha. So anw after that we went to Vivo. Must have been the best part of my jc life so far. Though we didn't do much lah.
We went to the balcony(?) area. Slacked there. Then we played truth or dare. Teck was dared to shout 'TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! MY NAME IS NG MING TECK!' Hahaha. Me, Eunice.L, Yisheng and TKB got dared to walk in the water. So weird la. Then we made alot of noise. So many ppl staring at us-.- After that Cam and Eunice.C secretly went off to buy a cake for Ah Teck.
Most of the rest of us just lay down on the floor, gazing at the night sky and the stars. The view was simply stunning, along with the cool night breeze. We decribed clouds as they passed by and commenting on the stars. There were alot of stars yesterday night. It was really fun and relaxing, but it only lasted awhile. Besides, my head was getting too pain from lying on the wooden floor. Chatted with JH and SSQ about stuffs.
Cam and Eunice.C came back with the mini cake, a cake with a candle but no fire. LOL. Cos no one had a lighter la. Damn funny. Then I talked to Teck about last year. I still rmbed his bday so clearly cos it was pasted in the book that my girls gave me.
I so love that book. Pics soon. All with Eunice.C.

I cant decide.

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