Friday, April 17, 2009

I was in such a bad mood today. And for the first period, that idiot Jeff just had to piss me off. I can't believe I pointed my middle finger at him lah. UNBELIVABLE RIGHT?! SO you had noooo idea how bad he pissed me off. Bleh.

During pe so stupid la. We were made to do intervals again. Den when I ran past Aaron's table he shouted 'Wei I thought you like to eat? You come and run for wad?' So stupid can. -.-

Anw yesterday, me, Andrea, Sara and Amos called ourselves Teletubbies. HAHA. Damn funny la. I'm Lala, Andrea's Tipsy, Amos's Po, Sara's Tinky Winky. This is how boring GP gets in sch :p

I'm soooo bored now.

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