Saturday, August 27, 2005

i thought bout him.
it was fine.
until ytd.
he was telling me bout mat and his stead.
ah wells.
i wonder how can she be so brave
when i always freak out when i see his frens.
i was considering a yes.
but something held me back.
it might be a no.
if u're reading this,
it isnt ur fault.
cause i haf a feeling that i'll be the one breaking with you.
i dont wanna hurt you.
i thought bout band.
very stressed.
felt like quiting.
von told me that it wasnt easy.
i am so. so. so.
by looking at my seniors play,
thats it.
its the end of me.
i rather quit den fail my music test.
i noe i will pass my theory.
it wont be easy for practical.
i will regret my whole life.
that i quit band.

was the first word which came into my mind.


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