Wednesday, August 31, 2005

the performance today was so-so lah. and i was like WTF when i saw ryan performing. sometimes i kinda regret. but today i REALLY regretted. =\ after the performances the whole bunch of us*i cant rmb who! wad do u expect from a girl who has extremly bad memory?* went back to pri sch. onli knew ms ng. den we walked past some classes. UNFORTUNATELY, we walked past mr lee's class and he asked us to wait in the canteen. his class pupils asked us to siam! and they were only pri 1! den we walked past 6r3 and they also scolded us! i was so DAMN angry! hahhas. den lata alvin's father fetched us back to sch. den had digital art. mr nicholas said our work was good!! all done by me. lols. cuz i wanna do. glynis just sat there and WATCH. i didnt really mind cuz its a piece of cake for me! xD after that we went back to pri sch AGAIN. i saw ms chan! omg i regretted how i treat her last time. she was so happy when she saw me! heh heh xD

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