Tuesday, August 30, 2005

today after sch me, glynis, sandy, alvin, benjamin, zuoying and hock hock(HAHAHAHA) went back to pri sch. THANKS TO THE DIGITAL ART TMR. @%#&$@%!#$ lols. saw ms ng and ms gan AHHH. even saw my pri 3 or 4 cme teacher. SHE RMB ME!!! i dont even rmb her lols. the teachers all noe me! hahas. went to eat hokkien mee. PRI SCH IS DA BEST! i nvr get to eat laksa. cuz we sneaked into the sch. wahahas. kunzi told me tt MR NG (the teacher which i DETEST most!) went on a SLIMMING SESSION. I WAS LIKE WTF. when i saw him today he looked as FAT as EVER! HAHAHAHAHA he can NVR SLIM DOWN xD
after meeting all e teachers we went to the chinese corner and started to play prank calls! BLEAHS. on nicole and zhe yue. SO funny. i couldnt stop laughing!

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