Friday, January 20, 2006


the first day kinda sucked, sitting under the sun for hours. lunch was great though. curry chicken! havent eaten it for some time xD

the second day rocked totally. for breakfast we had nasi lemak. well i kinda hate the rice but the coconut taste wasnt so strong so i was pretty fine with it. it after that we went to have station game then the nature walk. it was HORRID. i kept complaining inside i swear i wouldnt ever ever ever come to this stuping hiking thing again. i already had tears in my eyes when a stranger walked past and said be strong and be brave. we were wearing our camp tees and the words were written there. well den i didnt give up. it was our theme for camp anyways. i just went on and on until nobody can tahan. so we went back for dinner.*YES WE HIKED FOR 4 HRS!* i hate the frink. i always always hate it. grape drink with extra water so it taste extremply yucky and plain. den we went to plan for our campfire item. den we sit there stare at each other for 50mins. den the last 10 mins finally come up with something. everyone was relieved but nervous obviously, cuz it was only planned out within 10mins. we decided to sing 'let the music hear ur soul'. the lyrics were nice so is the song. the campfire started outdoors but den it started raining so we had to move into the canteen. 2dil was first. i think we were the 4th or 5th. everyone was nuts about nigel leading us. and eileen too. its the best if you get a handsome guy to lead ya noe ^^ he still looks like a duck to me no offence. well after our performance we said a cheer and xiuyuan did his wushu. we went back to our sitting place and waiting for the scores to be up. guess what? FULL MARKS. we went nuts!!! i guess after tt we went as SIAO as diligence.. dancing on the chairs, dancing on the table! i love this camp. it helped to bond our frenship too. we are all frens now =) must thank this camp, if not we wld still be fighting i guess. well today was the prize presentation. nigel got the best male camper and our class was the best class. as usual we went nuts. on the bus back to sch we didnt stop cheering although about half the class lost their voice. we just kept cheering and cheering. teeyong asked us to keep quiet but we didnt listen. hahas. well. i just love this camp. i love everyone too =) i dont want this class to fall apart for the streaming. this wld probably be our last yr together. gd job ppl!

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