Thursday, January 26, 2006

okok i hate today! but i shall start from the beginning. ahhh ESTHER i cant stand her fcked up attitude man. stop being SO proud of urself. and kristle fold her skirt until damn obvious.. the 3 boxes are in such a mess. mr ang lessons are STUPID. he scolded keane for nothing.. well i kinda guess its my fault and im guilty about it. anyways keane if you're reading this we're changing place soon after cny. you'll be with meryl which im sure she's much better den me! oh well gd luck to you then. and i cant believe it! my future is is like farfar away from tzejie. i almost cried when wynne told me that. mean sitting with cheehock and daniel is a BADBAD thing. den she changed them to kenny and chee sheng. not a bad thing. not as bad as the previous one though. lols. oh well. den after sch i stayed for the cca thingy. den after that went to class for the deco thingy. den we practically turned te whole class upside down. chee sheng was going mad - he kicked the tables and chairs then we finally found it *not the actual story i just dont wanna mention the facts*

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