Monday, January 09, 2006

i wanna murder wynne! she wrote zheyue's name all over my window =( phoooo after sch went to work. quite simple lah though sit until my back very pain. i was working with wynneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and yvonne! we make a great team. hohohohohoho we did approx 700 cards. which is alot liao! today work 4hrs only den my back cannot tahan. tmr is work 12 hrs. i think i die le. aiyaa but im despo for money! heh heh. i wanna go to bsb concert!! i still rmb last fri damn funny. tze jie was turning around and talking to me den mr soh as was standing behind him den he suddenly tap tz den he scream like girl O_o den we kept laughing cuz mr soh's a pervert in our class haha. oh well im gonna watch project runway now! i really hate wendy pepper! pff.

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