Thursday, June 22, 2006

'Cos everytime I see youI get this feelingI feel the sensation running in my veinsI'm flying on an angel's wingI loved you since the day we metBut when you left, I just weptI still love you, even more than you betOh if only my love would be let..?I think of the day when I see your faceThinking of myself as an utter disgraceI cry in the night and sob my tearsWhere are you when I'm having all these fears

at yehudi's blog, his cousin wrote this for me*IM CREDITING YOU SO DONT COMPLAIN!*:
A teardrop fell upon the roseThat she held close to herself.In sympathy, the petals closed,As she saw her love at rest.The rose it seemed to feel her painAs one by one her petals fellAnd upon the stem of thorns,Now fell the pouring rain.Bending down, she picked the petalsAnd to herself, she drew them near;She saw, in the rose, her broken heartAnd on the petal, her fallen tear. BY:Gary lim

sorry boy, by the stupidest thing i've ever done in my life was to leave you for another guy. im really really sorry.

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