Saturday, August 26, 2006

oh yeah, thn she'll go, look at her blog, see! people still hates me! YEAH RIGHT I STILL DO HATE YOU AND WHAT YOU TOLD MERYL? SHE TOLD MERYL, " OH, IM SO USED TO THE ATTENTION.' and she still dare say she's so lonely... *puke* if you ARE going to fall for her stupid tricks then so be it..

just another info.. she has LOTS of verisions about the rubber shooting event (she told 3 diff versions to 3 diff ppl) and that stupid guy call her DECENT. if she was DECENT was wldnt have let asfioafoih touch her ******! and then i found out she told another different thing to asjgh today. my gosh. she can be the NEW drama queen can. only blind ppl dont realise who you are, but just complie everything i said.. esp abt her telling diff versions of the stories. aaahah. rmb SHE told jemaine last yr she had LOTS of frns. hmmm i wonder.... thats obviously, another big, fat lie. rmb she said she only got xyz as a frn? just because she keeps sticking to her and REFUSE to approach the rest. and oh, i know you hate me already since last year. go ahead man. i'll see what happens to you nxt yr whn you enter a diff class frm xyz.

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