Monday, January 03, 2005

halooo soooo long nvr update liaos...hahas talk bout to day las i haf to walk to meet kunzi and ling tong b4 sch...den we went to our classrooms to assemble den teacher talk talk talk non stop las collect forms...den got student councilers*heck anyhow spell* come our class to take charge 5 of dem desiree matilda timothy arthur and an indian gurl...soooo sowee i dunno how to spell ur name =X den we went to take foto for ez link cards and blabla b4 that we went to the hall for a boooooooooooooring talk yeah (= den after the fotos we haf to see which counciler we under for camp and everything i guess =X im under timothy together with chuan hui and nigel<- YUCK YUCK YUCK!!! being in the same class as him is already considered veri dao mei liaos den also got ice breaking den all of us practically go mad hahas...well thats all la lazee to type trying to find new skins =)

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