Thursday, January 20, 2005 so sianss....hmm lemme recap ars....ya la today nothing one...lessons lessons and more lessons siansigh den after sch i chiong to heartland mall to meet john quincy n jackson. yup it was um....ok la got free fries. WAHAHAHAA im so bad u cant stop me yeah! ok den we talk talk talk den suddenly quincy shifted the topic to darryl. the thing i didn wanna hear most. he gave my present to his father to use. he jus hurt me so deeply. i guess its true that first loves for real hard to forget. he's ignoring me now i noe. but since he doesnt reply my sms im totally fine with it. i dun gif a damn bout him anymore. IF U ARE READING THIS PLS GET THE IDEA! sigh...dun wanna talk but him liaos everytime talk bout him i get updet and angry... thats for the day. byes

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