Friday, January 07, 2005

hmm sooo long since i update =D went to camp wads...ok the first day is fifth of jan...
First day
booring lars. after we went to the hall the PCs and PSLs intro intro intro den lata we had ice breaker den we all played H02....haf to hold a guys or gals hand....sooo suay ar me...den still got play one more game..forgot liaos la....den we learned the sch creed and batch song =) den lata we went back to class for some cheers usual our class was DEAD quiet =X blabla skip lars all forget le hehe den we had lunch...forgot wad it was...den we did station games hmm... eh the first item is that we haf to tie our shoe laces together and walk as a team...blahs so hard to say...wadeva shitt la... den bathe liaos den dinner...den battle of the light...a candle and a balloon but we didn't get to play...cuz i think not enough time =( den we did night walk...also not scary one... we took the pink trail...den got one part where somebody put a wood down den got a girl scream...den got a guy appear ask us to go up...and it was PITCH DARK cant see a single they put lightsticks to guide we went to the second level...den suddenly got one girl jump out...scare us sia...but den my fren say that girl jump out den she got a torchlight den she go whoaaawhoaaa but she didnt do that to us...strange lehs...den slp le...
Second day
wake up. do mornin exercise.assembly.breakfast. den today we did eagle eye trail...hmm make me sweat like siao...not veri fun haf to walk soooooo far frm punggol walk all the way to sengkang den we came in forth... den we had lunch den auction...walao auction until get until toilet paper sia! 1000+ lehs...den another item we bid 3000 bucks..(paper money) den it was all drinks! YEAH! so we got the most best and most lan prize hahaha den we went back to class yeah? den we decided to sing reach by s club 7 rather den one love by blue...cuz no cd la den we go bathe den lata we gather at parade squaer den campfire! yeah it was sooooo fun den slp liaos...okie end here oh yeah...i got desiree matilda n ben to sign my frenship corner ;)
Last day!!
wake up...set up class room to all the original place den go falg raising....den breakfast...but i had to attend mass so i had breakfast late ....den area cleaning....yuck...we had to clean to toilet....bleahs anyway when we reach there already quite clean =P cuz cleaners toilet wad. den lata got J,I,C rehearsal...junior investiture las...boring, skip...den prize presentation...our class didn't get anything...sobsob den we went back to class..i asked for timothy n arthur's signature den home sweet home....but there's something me,wynne and maryl *sorry if i spell wrongly* did on the second night....hahahahas we sooo bad but i shant say it until its discovered =PpP thankew thankew for reading !

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