Wednesday, December 29, 2004

hmm today sure haf alot to update haaa yesterday i went to buy my sch books den i went to ap's bday party its soooooo fun! first when i reached there we went to eat mcdonalds den lata we went to chnge into swimmin costumes den we went swimming! den i managed to do a somersault *wadeva shit u spell it* in water! yayy den lata i went back with gloria den her mom nagg nagg nagg its my fault though =X den today ar...andrew bring his children here aged 2 n 5 ....the 5 yrs old one name is daryl i think liddat spell la den the other one...fogot his name liao but veri chim la....den lata we go to plaza sing to watch kung fu hustle....haha its veri violent at first but it gets funny in the end....sooo hilarious and stupid yupyup..den lata we go kopitiam to eat...i tell my cousin no fish ball noodle...den she go ask den she say got den i went to buy den &@*#%&*@$R@&#^@()$%#@^#@#%@$%@&*($ the f************ person gimme mee pok TELL HER DUN HAF LIAO! talking cock today's my unlucky day...den i came home den i went to look at my chair cuz i left it outside to let it dry den i wan wondering why was there water on the seat...den i saw cat's paws all over the chair den i started swearing and i PROMISE that i will kick the cat in the butt SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly den i haf to wash it all over again and i had to put almost a cup full of detergent....YUCK lucky there wasnt any shit or i'll slaughter the cat. den lata i went up to the thrid floor to sleep cuz i shared a bed with my cousin DEN i saw my broken braclet given by my aunt. i almost scream and get mad but i contorlled my temper...i knew i didnt touch it so it must be my cousin....i was mad at her... tat ARGH thats all bout my f****** unluck dAY!!!!!!!!!!

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