Wednesday, May 24, 2006

i was feeling horridly sick today ):
my thraot felt dry, and itchy.
and i couldnt stop sneezing!
still had to go to the stupid hall until 9! hmmph.
anyways, soh ah soon came :D
i didnt bring any of his things lol.
he puched keane on his shoulder
and he wanted to puch me too but he couldnt reach.
then he used keane's pencil box to hit my head -.-
chancheehoe's lesson was next and we went to the lab :D
it was pretty fun.
cant rmb whose lesson was next.
oh yeah angcy.
whatever la him-
den ltr was lce we did nothing :D
only stacked all our exam scripts together.

wnt to eat kfc with kunzi, glynis and ermmm sandy if im nt wrng. lol
aft that wnt to meet dear at punggol park :D
such a nice place but..

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