Wednesday, May 31, 2006

wnt to sch today to hlp out with the euphoria thingy -.-
den ltr when me and marie said we bought tix for the whole concert den we no need help le -.-
but then we still have to help them to paste the schedule -.-
oh dang it i was bloody tired (:
anyways, me and maries job was to paste the schdule which is the hardest job T.T
oh wells, anyway we did it pretty fast 'cos i've done smth like tht in my previous job b4.
so we were done at about 9+?
we were soso happy la.
until they came back in with 6 big packs more. -.-
den i wanted to switch jobs so i decided to fold the cards
which were soso easy.
until the tcr asked gerald*the INfamous guy* to ask more ppl to hlp.
this girl in orange tee - she kept staring and staring at me.
ok to cut a long story short-
aft me and marie left for sch.. marie said,
"wah that girl keep on staring at you leh, she work also must stare she talking to her friend also must stare i feeling like gourging her eyeballs out at the most i'll pay her medical fees but anyway she's lost an eye." she said smth like that la. den we kept on laughing. lol. i dont mean to be eeeeeeevil but sometimes i cant help it. its a joke anyway if ur reading this.
oh YEAH. during break time i asked jemaine about tht orange shirt girl --
she kept asking jemaine about me! she kept asking jmn to show her who was i.
oh CRAP.
then marie said something which i found quite true....
"i think she like zheyue leh if not why she keep staring at you?"
i couldnt disagree more. haha.
gd luck to both of you then.
met dear aft im done with everything.
missed him so much!
i wonder how im gonna spend 8 days in korea without him t.t
im going on the 3 june, midnight flight!
i dunno why but i gotta badbadbad feeling about going to korea.

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