Saturday, May 20, 2006

wnt out with dear today :D
i nearly fainted when i saw the ticket queue!
nvr seen it so long before.
we had no choice but to play lan.
oh wells got kinda tired halfway through.
still, it wasnt so bad!
wnt to heartland mall after dear sent me off.
i saw so many ppl from my sch and everyone was like staring at me because of the way i dressed! pfft. its meant for going to orchard D:dear said i dressed like goth except im missing out the eye makeup. i dont put eyeshadow and besides, i didnt draw my eyeliner incase he found it weird :D
love ya dear!

i gave you a chance,
countless of times.
you didnt cherish the chances i gave you,
and everything is not a lie.
i have done my best to live my life with you
but did you?
its sad to say,
its the end of a beginning
and a beginning of misery and pain.
its gone..
its gone.

friends can tell the difference in me,
happier than before,
never gloomy again.
i used to sigh when i reached school,
i used to think life's painful for me.
but everything's changed.

i wanted to pick the knife again
but after talking to him
i threw the knife out of my sight.

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