Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I'm damn excited cos I cannot wait for GP to start. Esp the essay. LOL. I was damn happy when I saw the topics today. Haha. CANNOT WAIT LAH!!!! Mr Singh's effort won't go to waste after all :DDD

I swear all the econs teacher in yjc are mad ppl. I quite regret taking H2 econs now. And Matthew was damn funny. Like saying he wants to fail his econs. Hahaha.

I loved the bio teacher the most. He was really nice and humourous. He even allowed H1 students to sit in. Other teachers were just like, H1 get lost. =.= Cannot wait to start bio, it looks damn interesting.

Today celebrated Stephy's bday, it was damn fun. Haha. SMashed the cake into his face, threw him into the pond, poled him (but he said didnt touch).

Yay for the presents! :D

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