Friday, February 20, 2009

Celebrated Cam's bday tmr. I had to give the movie a miss :( so sad. Anw heard that they had alot of fun and the cake was great. :(:( I had to leave early cos I had to report to sch early today. So toot. For one stupid maths test which I almost left everything blank. Then next fri have to come early for the late coming thing while everyone gets to reach sch at 840.

I was soooo happy to see my gf again!! And eunice , sandy, jiahui, weiming, diana and ssq! Ok la, I not sooo excited about seeing ssq cos he damn irritating. LOL. They said my uni looked nice on me. Heh!! While cam's was... weird. Hehhehehhhh. Anw Diana bought this SUPER cute smiley balloon for Cam la. *bloody jealous* Me wans balloons on me bday too!!!!!


Today was cca day anw, damn bloody tiring. I scored a bullseye!! LOL!! That was sooo damn unexpected. Cos I was aiming at something else then it ended up there. Hah. Btw I'm in archery now :p PE today was really crazy.. My muscles are aching like crazy now.

Soooo many things to do, so little time...
When will this ever stop?

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