Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I'm still quite quiet. RAWR. I think ppl will go like
when they finally see the true me. I am one crazy maddy wahtever-you-can-think-of-y person. Heehee. Not sure how long I will take to open up.
Absolutely not in the talking mood today cos I was sooooooo sleepy and tired.

I like my class! Everyone so nice :D Today aft sch I kept talking to Cam about that fat girl from her class, cos she looked very.... someone I dont like.

Me: EH, you know that fat girl, blahblahblabhblah
Cam: WALAO. Can you stop caling her fat anot?
Me: *protests*WHYY!!!!!
Cam: She's very nice one lor.
Me: Ok lor=.=
(Cause I thought she's those very bitchy one ma, so I call her fat, LOL)

I know my gfs will def miss me when they get their new classmates.
Cos they'll have no one burping in their faces.
I soooooo miss them :(

Leave a tag on my board and say you love me okay?!?!

I wan go make my framless specs.. Cos the metal frame is damn loose. But dunno if can anot. Meanwhile...

Mad bunnehs.


**Reminder to self: Add Sammy and gf to new msn.

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