Friday, December 10, 2004

hahaz i today den update wad happen yesterday....pity didn get to go to lan wif yvonne n her bro and his fren...sooooo sorrie =( my dad came to pick us up and we went to office...oh well so work like hell den later go swimming ahahaha sooo fun i swim bout ten laps of cuz got rest la! den lata we go steam and sauna man i tell you i hardly sweat! anyways when we came out my dad was eating but we wanted to go hawker centre to eat so i help my dad to eat some den drink coconut * my fave drink now =P* sooo i veri full den they go hawker centre tah pao den go home eat den i went straight to bed haiz....i shall skip the remaining part cuz its veri embarrassing btw it concerns my bro not me =)

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