Friday, December 10, 2004

aRloo! haiz today is filled with boring stuffs etc. etc. lalala first i went to play lan wanna knoe hu the best player? aiya of cuz me la hoho actually i'm after jackson -_- he come to the game den my team start losing like siao boo hoo blaz heck care den lata go play badminton aiyoo vic was the WORST player hohoho he realli suk in badminton sia.. shame shame den lata i got one on one with jackass well i was super surprised that i could hit almost every ball back yay! =D so yala...onli i miss those veri veri high ones..i drank 2 cans of drinks wah sia den i sooo full liaoz hahaz den we go to the nearby kopitiam to rest and eat den that jackass sooooo haolian go buy coffee drink ...that siao ta poh anyways, after that it's gonna rain soon den i dunno how to go home frm dere so i got no choice but to go to jackass house.. den go there watch those silly ppl play playstation or wadeva lar den i got supa bored and went to use the com denn i beg jackass's cousin to go to jackass's house but her mum dun allow =\ some kinda mum she is man... anyway later i go home den i sit LRT to go to sengkang wa sia go one part like riding roller coaster liddat lolz sooo fun den i liata go home den ya... btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAUFIK!!!

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