Sunday, December 12, 2004

haizz sat nothing happen...jus go n help my parent's..booring day lahz den my uncle came to my house talk awhile den byebye! okii talk bout today... well nothing much jus slp til veri late...i sooo tired cuz my mom lemme sleep on a pillow as hard as rock O.O shit make me sleepless like hell...den today i skip chruch *yay* den i went to yamaha..poor yvonne get onto the wrong bus...lolz so she veri late den come den we do theory...hahaz teacher say i good =P mmmm den after that me n yvonne went to heartland mall den got ninja turtles show ...hahaz the guy with the purple tie *i forgot his name* he's soooooooo cute! hoho...den nothing much le den we go home...den jus now go heartland mall eat... blahz den aiya lazee to type~ okii nite to y'all!

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