Sunday, December 05, 2004

aRlowz to all stupid ppl out dere! *lol* haizz loooooooong time no update liaoz! hmm yesterday i was to indonasia pretty boring larz...we went to planet holiday *hotel la!* den i wanted to swim but sadly cannot =\ my cousin and my mum didn either =P anyways, we went to the near by market and i was sweating like a mad dog..oh man.. den later at night we went to eat seafood it was sooo delicious!den we went back to the hotel my dad went to cut his hair and my mum and aunt went to have some massage so me and my cousin stayed in the room watch tv and there was a singapore idol recap! well i watched it =) den after came the miss world and TADAAA it was peru! oki i wanted peru to win lolz den later we slept zZz omfg i tell you i couldn't slp one bit! my aunt snoring is so damn loud its worse den world war man!!!i tossed and turn in bed and i still can't slp =\ so ya i hardly slept for the whoooole night same for my parents and my cousin! haiz so i had to watch tv till my eyes get tired and i got abit of tired so i slept for AWHILE so the next morning, *the time is slower by one hr* we went to have buffet well as usual i ate cornflakes and beans and sausages and porridge and scrambled eggs and orange juice and watermelon*it's not nice!* and blahz that's it i tell you things ain't cheap there even though S$1=5000++rupee one day can use up to S$50....oki i think that's all tata fer now!!!


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