Friday, March 04, 2005

hais. todaee aiin't that badd as ytd. don''t wanna tallk bout ytd. worst daee of miie liife. anyway i'll come back tuu tat later. todaee i went to recess wiith diing qii. we went quiite well....actually she isn't verii bad. lols. we went to e library cuz ii wanted to borrow asteriix. aas usuall, all archiie comic taken. *sobsob. lols. aneways. after tt we went down and bought drinks and hung out outside our classroom. yepp. there allow driinks but no food. lols. cuz nearby got vending machine. as usual class went on. but todaee abit of diiff. for eng lesson. me and wynne got chased outta class....YEAH IT ROCKED MAN! HOHOHOHOHO den alotta ppl come say halo. so ridiculous sia. hahahha niice mann. okii i went to report to mr choo todae. he got a spare key, so i hadtaa talk alll my books n brin it home. it wighed a ton! good thing my good bro helped me with that. lols. alot of ppl tot he was my staed and i was like wtf! noway! -____________- den i came home and slept. yeeep. not enuff slp every day... oh yah i said i would come back to e topic right. now tt that "GIRL" haf soooooo manii frenns she liike to show off. todaee at artt lesson i happened to turn my head and saw her sitting with her DARLING LENSON and his group*EWW!* but they aren't steading. den she liike always so proud of herself lors. i'm so glad that we aren't frens =D! she ruined my life.


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