Sunday, March 27, 2005

ytd i met upp wit gloria hahas. we went to buy tix
to avril's conert.
i can't wait =))
first we went to e sistic outlet at bishan.
the ppl there were NOT
frendly at all!
nono. feel like slappin em awake. HOHO!
but we didn't buy e tix
long story lah.
den we went to pick her bro
from NUS. denn we wentt to
parco and bought e tix.
de $50 one was already sold outt.
so we bought the $75 one.
now i'mm broke. BOO!
denn we went to eat at koo kee.
the fish was SUPER DELICIOUS!
denn later me and gloria went to walk around bugis.
finally after an hour,
we found the neoprints
so manii ppl ther sia.
i'll upload e pics another time.
den we went to haf ice cream denn i went home
ok tts all...bbbyes!

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